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...we need all life to understand, what really we are, what place we take in this world, what is the purpose of our life….finally what for are we living…

…we need one year for appreciate our way, to rejoice at ourselves or to get sad of that…it doesn’t matters….matters, that we would see, that we are big….how fast we grew up…how fast grew up our hands, some time ago were so small….and our small nose is not so small now…how grew up our pink elephants dreams….we need one year to measure ourselves…

…we need one month to feel what we still miss or what we have too much… for finding that little worm, which time from time hurts us, makes us sad…change into the same again…

…we need one week for understanding that life is circle – everything repeats….what happened before, happens again, we just go through it differently…

…we need one day that we could feel real taste of life… smell… we could see its colours, hear…that we would stop complaining, that we have not enough time to live…look at the sun…how fast it lives life….sun just goes up and down…always has time….

…we need only one minute of waiting, that we could feel how life becomes eternity…

…we need only one second, that we could single out a human from others, that we could see his eyes…

..and finally you need one moment, that you could understand, that person, which is looking to your eyes is very near to you….with his inside, with his small world….that when he is not around for some unknown reason you want to hear him again…to see these shining eyes, smiling corners of his lips and to feel warmth….

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 14 2008 12:04 GMT marijke06
lovely heart!
Feb 14 2008 12:13 GMT tacka
big heart of yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))
Feb 14 2008 12:17 GMT eclcris
wonderful heart!!!!
Feb 14 2008 12:35 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful heart in a hand.......
and great words! :))
Feb 14 2008 12:50 GMT sayalio
Jokių abejonių nepaliekantis paveikslas! :-)) Su Švente!
Feb 14 2008 13:25 GMT gafaway
heart in hand makes stone heart melt : )
Feb 14 2008 13:43 GMT palakol
Amazing.. c",)
Feb 14 2008 13:55 GMT Squirrel PRO
Very beautiful photo for Valentine's day.
Feb 14 2008 14:21 GMT mlv
Beautiful - thank you
Feb 14 2008 14:40 GMT sini
Happy Valentine's Day! Great entry!:)
Feb 14 2008 14:57 GMT nimbus
great heart!
great words:)
Feb 14 2008 15:19 GMT LizSA
Beautiful... I understand the words.... I relate to the words... that is true life....

wonderful soul ZNacke...

the heart is only the image....:))
the eyes is the soul...:)
Feb 14 2008 15:55 GMT Adamus
A beautiful Valentine's Day.
Feb 14 2008 16:14 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work and image, and Happy Valentine's day to you too ;-)
Feb 14 2008 16:16 GMT abojovna PRO
Simple beautiful! Heart on the palm!
Feb 14 2008 16:55 GMT PhotoPro PRO
beautiful work!

Happy Valentines Day!!
Feb 14 2008 17:48 GMT bennystr
Happy Valentine's day my friend!
Very well done!
Feb 14 2008 18:11 GMT Vaida83
Su sv. Valentinu, drauguze :*
Feb 14 2008 18:41 GMT faenzu
Happy valentines day to you too!!
Feb 14 2008 20:41 GMT rosyapple PRO
Very deep words! I hope this person is careful with this heart he is holding....
Feb 14 2008 20:52 GMT marioalbertina
Buon San Valentino ! :)
Feb 15 2008 11:05 GMT toshkatakb
Wow!Just amazing!
Feb 15 2008 11:06 GMT znacke
Thanks a lot :)
Feb 15 2008 14:30 GMT eleni78 PRO
awesome shot my friend! such a red heart!!:)
Feb 15 2008 15:19 GMT beus PRO
Wonderful work!
Feb 16 2008 03:36 GMT Studio88