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Earth Hour

On March 29, 2008, 8:00 p.m., cities around the world will turn off their lights for one hour to raise global awareness of climate change.

Help promote Earth Day - download this logo from Earth Hour, and post it to your stream.
You can download the Earth Hour logo here.

By joining this group you are helping to fight global climate change

Guilty, angered, of all that's been betrayed
Longing, dreaming, where is yesterday

Day by day we see the world, falling to defeat
Water, air, all are lost, and the food we eat
Needless wars brought about, by the powers hands
Children cry, mothers weep, they can't understand

Calling, begging, do we really hear
Ignoring, denying, from year to year

Burning earth, land of the flame, losing to the force of greed
Burning earth, land of the flame, we forgot her needs

Hour by the hour, we sink into the deep
Money talks, to the guards, stolen in our sleep
Ordinary citizen, ignorance complete
Fooled again, by their ways, often to repeat

Calling, begging, do we really hear
Ignoring, denying, from year to year

Burning earth, land of the flame, losing to the force of greed
Burning earth, land of the flame, we forgot her needs

Save her now, from sea to sea
Time is short, we all believe
Save us all, no amnesty
It's the shame, of humanity...


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Comments on this photo:

Feb 19 2008 13:57 GMT sini
Great work!:)
Feb 19 2008 13:57 GMT senna3
Fantastic Earth Hour entry, a Masterpiece!
Feb 19 2008 14:00 GMT bennystr
Beautifully done!
Feb 19 2008 14:07 GMT mariolina
well done my friend!!! always so creative!!!
Feb 19 2008 14:08 GMT znacke
thanks a lot my friend :)
Feb 19 2008 14:13 GMT nimbus
hello earth:)))
Feb 19 2008 14:14 GMT znacke
;) thanks again
Feb 19 2008 14:19 GMT Vaida83
galingai atrodo :)
Feb 19 2008 14:19 GMT Vaida83
kaip menulio valdove :D
Feb 19 2008 14:21 GMT znacke
hahah čia šiaip saulė, žemė ir mėnulis :))))))))))) ačiū, šiaip iki valdovės toli, o mėnulio tai iš vis patyliu...wahahhahah
Feb 19 2008 14:30 GMT beus PRO
Great work Znacke:-)
Feb 19 2008 14:37 GMT Squirrel PRO
Beautiful work............well done
Feb 19 2008 14:48 GMT Arik77
Lovely work here !
Feb 19 2008 14:49 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Great Photo
Feb 19 2008 15:14 GMT LisaSam67
ok i like yours the best
this is a fantastic image and conveys the message quite well
Feb 19 2008 15:15 GMT fico
Amazing! Fav!
Feb 19 2008 15:18 GMT Poulet PRO
Great work, Znacke. :))
Feb 19 2008 15:51 GMT Cronos1
YES, great work; very very impressive !!!
Feb 19 2008 15:52 GMT znacke
Thanks again Cronos1....
Feb 19 2008 15:57 GMT peterpinhole
Great work and important words...thanks for making us all aware!!
Feb 19 2008 16:06 GMT hallo
Nice work indeed!
Feb 19 2008 16:14 GMT jceca PRO
excellent idea and work !!!!!
Feb 19 2008 16:30 GMT mariolina
Feb 19 2008 16:47 GMT Carlimauda
great idea............
Feb 19 2008 16:53 GMT voodoo23
creative presentation
Feb 19 2008 17:22 GMT eclcris
fantastic work!!! well done!!!
Feb 19 2008 18:00 GMT beast33
beautiful work:)
Feb 19 2008 18:22 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work there my friend ;-)
Feb 19 2008 20:13 GMT eleni78 PRO
znacke u did a marvelous combination image!!:))
Feb 19 2008 22:24 GMT faenzu
Beautifully..very well done!!
Feb 20 2008 05:43 GMT jett366
Great work!
Feb 20 2008 11:07 GMT Studio88
Magnificent Work ;-))
Feb 20 2008 21:25 GMT rosyapple PRO
A beautifully crafted image!
Feb 21 2008 03:14 GMT aquiles PRO
FANTÁSTICA....BELLA...MUY BELLA !!!!!!!!!.... http://www.wordreference.com/es/%20-
Feb 21 2008 06:08 GMT znacke
Thanks Aquiles, I understand such words :))))))))))))))))
Mar 02 2008 13:00 GMT alex28
inventive, gorgeous and smiling...as always