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freak of Nature....Naga sadhu at Varanasi
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 23 2008 05:30 GMT dcz
Jul 23 2008 06:02 GMT iiLan
fact of life not everyone is born perfect.
Jul 23 2008 06:41 GMT foxhouse
Wow! I don't know what to say...

This poor person has a lot to live with...we don't know how lucky we are! you're right iiLan, everyone is not born perfect!!!

Great image :)

Jul 23 2008 06:50 GMT TRICKS4U
Wow is right.
Incredible capture.
I couldn't imagine the day to day things he has to endure.
Jul 23 2008 15:27 GMT Lalbabu
Pichle janam ka pap se ye hua.
Jul 23 2008 15:31 GMT couette
yes it must be hard for him...
Jul 23 2008 17:07 GMT lizzieb
It is some form of tumor (not cancerous). I saw a programme about a European man with similar facial disfigurment. He is to be admired that he does not hide away from people.
Jul 24 2008 02:02 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Amazing. Yes, I have it good.
Jul 26 2008 16:07 GMT GeoffReeves
Is he looked upon as a holy man ?
Jul 26 2008 16:39 GMT zespook
he is known as 'Ganesh Baba' owing to that outgrowth and treated with much respect, GeoffReeves....This time when you come to India, I'd love to meet you!
Jul 26 2008 18:59 GMT GeoffReeves
I think we have some things to learn from Eastern values. :-)

Where in India are you Rajiv,I will let you know when I travel to India.
Jul 27 2008 06:34 GMT zespook
Geoff, I live in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi/Benaras/Kashi is also in U.P. and around 300 kms away. Agra (Taj Mahal) is also in U.P.
Jul 27 2008 12:53 GMT GeoffReeves
Thanks Rajiv,duly noted.