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For anyone who might not have noticed, there was a total lunar eclipse yesterday night, and as certain as the astral conjunction was my presence out there to shoot it! Unfortunately a fatal combinantion of hazy sky, lack of skill and, perhaps, less than razorsharp glass led to fairly poor results... But what is the photographic issue that photoshop can't put a pach on to?

For this one I grabbed a shot of the moon taken before the eclypse and which was sharp enough for the purpose and I used it as a background. Then I took a shot of the eclypsed moon far too blurry to be used by itself but at least with the colors in place. I put the second on the first as a new layer and then "multiply" blended it. Not what I would call genuine fotorgaphy but at least it gives the idea of what we've really seen.

Best viewed downsized ^_^'!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 04 2007 14:42 GMT GeoffReeves
It is surpising how the moon and earth move so quickly while we are taking the shots :-/ I was confused at first why the photos were coming out so blurred for me last night....
Good work even so!!
Mar 04 2007 18:26 GMT jimm
all i saw was clouds. :(
Mar 04 2007 19:09 GMT Olympe1961
However, this eclipse of moon is superb with your shot !!!! Unfortunately, there were clouds in "my sky" this night : and no one yesterday and today !!! bravo !
Mar 05 2007 11:21 GMT xviiarcano
Too bad! photography aside I has been a nice show even just to sit down and watch ;)