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I had known "Bear" only 3 days here after he just came back from my vets having his shatterd leg removed...
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 30 2005 16:16 GMT myeasy
I really like your dogs. they're so cute...
Oct 30 2005 16:21 GMT will
Sometimes they drive me insane but I couldn't do without them lol...thanx...
Oct 30 2005 16:25 GMT santolina
poor doggie, the post operational syndrome is so hard with him here! you are great to give him a chance :)
Oct 30 2005 16:44 GMT will
Good that I got to him when I did thank God, he was scheduled for "execution" the next day, first on the list, and they were "more than happy" to do it...sad...
Oct 31 2005 00:52 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot of lucky Bear!.... :))
Dec 13 2005 02:20 GMT jceca PRO
uuuh...poor sweetie...
Dec 19 2005 03:09 GMT Abaporu
Oh,my god.Poor sweetie!!!
Dec 19 2005 14:44 GMT will
Thanks jceca, he's better now...
Dec 19 2005 14:45 GMT will
Yes, rather frightening. We tried to save it but couldn't...at least he's alive, has a home with me and is quite happy now, thank you...!!
Nov 15 2006 00:29 GMT acegik
Poor Bear...he's so lucky that you take care of him...
Jun 25 2007 06:56 GMT KhanhNgoc
Hello Bear! You look so sad :(( I know him so late Will. I hope he have a new happy life as he live under the same roof with you. You're a greatest true animals lover that I know. Tell me more about Bear's life now, Bill please!
Jun 25 2007 12:04 GMT will
Well, you will be very pleased to know that now he is the happiest little dog in the world, and not quite as little now..!! :-)) He still has the most beautiful eyes too!!
Jul 21 2007 19:27 GMT LisaSam67
so glad you got him before they offed him! he's beautiful... bet he's a good dog too!
Jul 22 2007 01:37 GMT will
Yes, it was about a day before Lisa...We were both lucky, and thanks..!!
Aug 24 2007 21:25 GMT jenylew
God luv this little soul.
Will, you're just top notch awesome in my book.
Not many people would give this little guy this chance...:-)
Aug 24 2007 22:17 GMT will
He repays me a million times over every day Jeny! He is so happy, so sweet..he's an angel..thank you again and bless you and your family..!!
Aug 25 2007 10:49 GMT token
my God I am so glad you did not put him to sleep like many people would have ..he is a beauty
Aug 25 2007 11:39 GMT will
Thank you for your kind words, and adding me as a friend, Happy Weekend to you token!! Will..:-)
Aug 25 2007 12:43 GMT Felixthecat
Poor dog, hope he has a wonderfull life
Aug 25 2007 13:07 GMT will
Yes Felix now he does have a wonderful life...He's the same dog as on my 2nd to latest photo sitting with the big smile on his face here..:-))

happy weekend to you!!
Aug 27 2007 18:51 GMT AlisonBelinda
It's amazing how different Bear looks from this photo, to the most recent of him. Well done to you Will!
Aug 27 2007 22:19 GMT will
Thanks Alison, yes he was really a puppy here...he's doing very well I think thank God..!!