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Tags kitty house


What I've been doing. Hoping to make a shelter for my outside cat 'Cheeks'...for the winter. And here is the finished product! Just hope she will use it...it's all I can say.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 21 2007 12:20 GMT jenylew
Looks like a puuurrrrfect place to hide.
(Sorry for the bad pun)

So nice to see you, Will! Thanks for the message, my friend, and so great to see you! :-))))))))))))))
Nov 21 2007 12:24 GMT Mia87
Will, its great to see you!

You did a great job for your cat!
Nov 21 2007 12:27 GMT will
This is a very ergonomic 'state of the art' kitty house. I've sprinkled the catnip all around and put a bed of hay inside here for her. All I can do is pray she uses it because I know your snow is on the way down here and I have a feeling it's going to be soon jeny!! At least she should get some turkey since tommorrow is our 'Thanksgiving' day down here! ...)))
Nov 21 2007 12:28 GMT will
Thanks so much Mia! ))
Nov 21 2007 13:41 GMT pp11364
Will,I am very glad to see your shots.
Nov 21 2007 14:07 GMT LizSA
this is a great thanksgiving presentation to Cheeks....
it is done with great love.... !!!
Nov 21 2007 15:26 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Very nice kitty house Will...good job:-))))
Nov 21 2007 19:30 GMT pauli3522
Nov 22 2007 01:19 GMT fhelsing PRO
I hope she likes it!
Nov 22 2007 13:44 GMT will
Me too Fleur, in fact I'm praying she does..:-)
Nov 22 2007 13:55 GMT Poulet PRO
Great job! That's a cute house, Will!
Just wondering where's another wheel.......;P ;P
Nov 22 2007 15:55 GMT will
Well, I saw a cow disappearing into the trees with it, that's all I know..)))
Nov 22 2007 17:01 GMT jceca PRO
what a cozy house !!!!! :-)
Nov 22 2007 17:03 GMT will
Can you believe it was -20C here this morning? Yes, it needs to be huh?
Nov 22 2007 17:36 GMT jceca PRO
gosh !!!!!!
it was frozen in the morning here too, but not SO cold ...
Nov 22 2007 20:45 GMT grimp PRO
Looks very elaborate!
Nov 22 2007 21:13 GMT Kaska
wow! cheeks is a lucky cat! wonderful house!
Nov 22 2007 21:16 GMT eleni78 PRO
very nice cat house Will!! Cheeks will be safe now in there!
Nov 22 2007 21:53 GMT Minz PRO
Looks a wonderful home for Cheeks.
Fabulous job you have done Will - Am sure it will be well used.
Nov 23 2007 22:22 GMT Bellavista
You made it with love! She must feel it! :-)
Nov 28 2007 09:08 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Oh Will she is so lucky to have you that's a beautiful thing to do for her. Did she just wander in or something? I hope she uses it too, I'm sure she will. ;>))
Dec 01 2007 21:48 GMT ferrariwalter
Nice work Will! Cheeks' winter-palace. :-D
Dec 12 2007 15:42 GMT hbla PRO
good work! I know that challenge, good luck!
Dec 13 2007 13:57 GMT will
Yes, they all just kind of 'Wander In'....hey, great name for a Bar huh?? Lol!!