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Of course the storm hit the day.....After Christmas...!!! Just once could you please arrange it to storm on Christmas day, the way I like it!!! That would be a great gift in itself...LOL..!! Is anybody out there listening...??? Meantime we will try to enjoy it inside today and the following pics are of the cats just as it is taking place...
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 27 2005 00:18 GMT Poulet PRO
Storm ????......
Then enjoy inside ;o)))....
BTW, beautiful sky, Will.....
It's rainning heavily here since 03.20 a.m. and just stop right now at 07.22 a.m. :S
Dec 27 2005 00:44 GMT Abaporu
Uaauuuuuuuuuuuu!!!Pretty photo but it has care with the storm.
Dec 27 2005 02:08 GMT jceca PRO
doesn't looks like the storm...
anyway, stay on safe... indoor!!!!!
Dec 27 2005 02:47 GMT will
thanks PoUlet, Abaporu, jceca...
Dec 27 2005 03:03 GMT Prikthai
Oh I know. The cat wait for the next summer.
Dec 27 2005 04:07 GMT Milibuh
Stormy cats...
Dec 27 2005 07:14 GMT beedabee
Very nice shot .. were is the storm ?
Dec 27 2005 07:56 GMT Minz PRO
Beautiful picture Will.
Dec 27 2005 12:15 GMT Kriszti
was a Wonderful day as seen :)) Yes, the storm came today!!!..
Dec 27 2005 16:21 GMT StavrosMoforis
great sight! dramatic skies! stormy, indeed!
Dec 27 2005 17:34 GMT PrairieGypsy
Dec 28 2005 10:22 GMT moofygirl
Gorgeous Photo. Where the heck do you get these great scenic views?
Dec 28 2005 20:44 GMT will
Actually, just out my bedroom window here..lol...thanks..
Dec 28 2005 21:15 GMT moofygirl
Well, wherever you happen to live, is beautiful. I'm envious since my bedroom overhangs a dumpster. LOL.
Dec 29 2005 03:30 GMT will
:((( Well, in the very least you can ask them to move it, seriously...tell them it's affecting your quality of life big time in more ways than one, but in the meantime keep up that great sense of humor you obviously have and maybe start searching for a new place to live. My feeling is that you deserve a lot better.. You can do it moofy...might be a great way to start the New Year too!!