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Cute and happy little guy?..I thought so..)
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Comments on this photo:

May 26 2011 01:11 GMT porph
Everyone got one's own matter to iron out, Will. Me, too.
May 26 2011 01:14 GMT will
This isn't ironing, it's mowing..:)
May 26 2011 01:18 GMT martini957
Is it a bubble mower : ))
Cool reflection shot
May 26 2011 01:24 GMT will
Cute, happy AND bubbly...doesn't make my work that much easier..lol
May 26 2011 01:29 GMT martini957
My little niece just got a bubble mower for her birthday...it is so cool
May 26 2011 01:36 GMT will
Not sure mine has that feature though, I'll have to double check...hope so though..:)
May 26 2011 02:12 GMT jomoud PRO
I love this entry
made me smile!!!
May 26 2011 02:22 GMT will
Thank you, John..:glad it did..:)
May 26 2011 04:37 GMT Annamaria
Thats a nice one, Will! Must nicer then mine...;-))
May 26 2011 04:50 GMT sini
Nice image and reflection!:)
May 26 2011 04:53 GMT linnywv PRO
"I fought the lawn and the lawn won"
May 26 2011 05:29 GMT Pea2007
Green reflections.
May 26 2011 06:32 GMT senna3
Very special reflection entry!
May 26 2011 09:16 GMT marijke06
don't use it....it will no longer shine or reflect..:))
May 26 2011 12:55 GMT will
May 26 2011 18:27 GMT ForestSpirit
Always fun to use a shiny new lawnmower - until the novelty wears off! Don't overdo it till you're fit enough (hopefully soon!).
May 26 2011 18:51 GMT will
Thank you everyone..:)
May 26 2011 21:28 GMT Snappa
will, its just as well, you try lifting that up onto the Ironing board!
May 27 2011 01:28 GMT will
Come to think of it I don't know what would be worse! The ironing when it is hot or the mowing! Quite luckily my summer wardrobe consists mainly of wash & wear shorts which I love...what else? :)
May 27 2011 01:43 GMT will
I can just blow bubbles 'til then...hopefully I'm fit enough for that...)