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In the front is 'Cheeks', in back of her 'Silver'. If you look closely at their ears you can see ...

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In the front is 'Cheeks', in back of her 'Silver'. If you look closely at their ears you can see that each one has a 'tip' of their ear cut off. This is to identify the fact that they've been spayed or nuetered in a 'feral cat' program. I took them in to have this done along with Motley and Red. They were all pretty wild when I first encountered them on my property. They're all really tame now, especially Silver who is sleeping on my bed with me right now...
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 17 2005 04:03 GMT Milibuh
This is an so artistic shot Will... I adore taking shots to cats they are the perfect models...
Dec 17 2005 04:09 GMT hallo
Wonderful couple, well captured
Dec 17 2005 04:13 GMT will
Loving them helps...
Dec 17 2005 04:13 GMT will
Dec 17 2005 04:15 GMT maiylah
awww...so cute!!
they adore you, will.. :))
Dec 17 2005 04:34 GMT will
:) Yes, I think they do maiylah!! Thanks!
Dec 17 2005 04:48 GMT Poulet PRO
So CUTE!!...
LOVE to SEE them.........this way, Will.. :I

...it's a beautiful shot!! :o))
Dec 17 2005 05:36 GMT hbla PRO
what a sweet photo :)
Dec 17 2005 06:01 GMT fhelsing PRO
Gorgeous cats, and they certainly look happy now!
Dec 17 2005 06:46 GMT Kriszti
:))) oh, I can see that they are tamed ..very PRETTY shot of them!!! I wouls frame it :)))
Dec 17 2005 07:51 GMT nicoalfredo
GOOD SHOT, NICE PAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 17 2005 09:15 GMT korni
wonderful photo!!!
Dec 17 2005 10:33 GMT Prikthai
A nice foto. But she sleep in your bed. I know a better one for sleep with me. :-)))
Dec 17 2005 11:15 GMT moofygirl
That really is a lovely photo.
My kitties and I give you a standing ovation for being so kind to animals :)
Dec 17 2005 14:59 GMT santolina
nice pair!
Dec 17 2005 15:50 GMT jceca PRO
Dec 17 2005 16:07 GMT Danaya
i love cats!
Dec 17 2005 16:12 GMT latif
cute pair
Dec 17 2005 16:24 GMT Janecc
haha, I like this one
Dec 17 2005 18:16 GMT curves PRO
Excellent care and love you give them.......
Dec 17 2005 18:42 GMT satomi
their eyes r so.. so soft, kind and tender.
Dec 17 2005 19:02 GMT MissKelly
beautiful will
they are so beautiful and you can just see it in them how much they love you and owe their life to you not abandoing them or having them 'removed' from your property!
awwwwww so sweet!
Dec 17 2005 23:34 GMT will
Dec 18 2005 02:28 GMT Abaporu
I love cats.Beautiful Will!!!
Dec 18 2005 02:43 GMT will
Thanks Nico...
Dec 18 2005 13:37 GMT Aw
Sweet picture!
Dec 18 2005 16:47 GMT Minz PRO
Dec 23 2005 02:52 GMT will
Thanks Minz, and all!!!!!
Jun 25 2007 07:12 GMT KhanhNgoc
How nicely and lovely couple cats, Will! They are full sisters or brothers?
Jun 25 2007 12:34 GMT will
It is possible that they are. They love each other like no two others.
Aug 25 2007 10:52 GMT token
I love cats ...I have one very old and she is the queen of the house
Aug 25 2007 13:13 GMT will
Well, I'll look for a photo of the queen there token..!! )
Jun 21 2010 14:41 GMT doramandragora
There is that unique expression again... how amazing is this cat. I have to tell you that I've never seen a cat with this unique look on her face... so infinitely loveable.
Sep 10 2010 09:47 GMT ForestSpirit
Browsing through your old pics, Will. This is wonderful!
Sep 10 2010 11:44 GMT will
They were a little ornery here last night in keeping me awake a bit, but I won't kick them out of my bed Sylvia...that's love huh? lol