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I am here. And I am a Cat.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2007 22:43 GMT LisaSam67
hahahaha love the caption!

what a handsome kitty too!
Jul 12 2007 22:47 GMT will
Thanks Lisa, he'll love to hear you said so..:-))
Jul 12 2007 23:26 GMT Vasca
Beautiful face!!!
Jul 13 2007 00:03 GMT Pasifae
Very nice!! :)
Jul 13 2007 03:29 GMT will
Meow back..:-))
Jul 13 2007 03:29 GMT will
thanks Pas..:-)
Jul 13 2007 03:30 GMT will
Hi Vasca and thanks..!!
Jul 13 2007 03:44 GMT fhelsing PRO
> And I am a cat.

Don't forget that!

Jul 13 2007 13:30 GMT will
Cute 'f'..:-))
Jul 13 2007 14:28 GMT Sweetoes PRO
And you Mr. Cat...are making me sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze....but you're very CUTE:-))))))))))))))))))
Jul 13 2007 15:43 GMT will
sneeeeeeezzzzzzzzzing back at you...thanks..'toes'...For 'I.....Am A Cat'
Jul 13 2007 18:04 GMT BuckleBunny
Awwww... cute stance and capture!!!
Jul 13 2007 19:02 GMT will
Thanks BuckleBunny for your nice comment, much appreciated..:-))
Jul 14 2007 01:29 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful portrait!
Jul 14 2007 02:33 GMT will
Thanks PouLet..hugs..:-))
Jul 14 2007 22:49 GMT Kaska
a cat with no hat :)
Jul 15 2007 01:52 GMT will
I am here, and I am a Cat, with no need for a Hat... Will you give me just a Pat? Then I will continue on my merry way, I like it like That!!....:-))
Jul 15 2007 06:10 GMT Kaska
hihi :))
I love every Cat and willl give you a Pat :)
Jul 15 2007 12:09 GMT will
tit for tat twill match your pat & thanks for that ^ ^ for i am here a lover of cats big & small thin or fat i never lie Kaska so remember that...!! :-)
Jul 15 2007 13:35 GMT Kaska
youre' teasing me :)
cannot have any cats now... my boy is very alergic to them, so we stick to dogs for now... another few years and I can have cats and dogs and other animals...
Jul 15 2007 15:29 GMT will
Ok, one out of the nest, and then maybe a new one in...hehe..not teasing, just pleasing, *ihope...Lol.. my friend who is (was) an Island Girl...and remember dear Kaska, once an 'Islander', always an Islander...right? :-)))

I love islands, isn't there something really special about them Kaska? Cats and Islands, 2 good things to not be allergic to..:-))
Jul 16 2007 05:59 GMT Kaska
yes, once islander always islander :) and once start moving never stop... I'm always in search of new places .... I hope to live on all continents by the time I'm done living :)))
Jul 16 2007 06:19 GMT KhanhNgoc
Hello Mr. Cat! Both of you are very handsome :)))
Jul 16 2007 12:21 GMT will
He is much more handsome than me..:-))
Jul 16 2007 14:20 GMT will
Wow!! Now that is some goal alright Kaska..!! You know, why don't you become a photo-journalist? They get to travel ALL the time..!! I'm kind of the 'explorer' type too. In fact, in a past life I think I may have been one!! I think it's great and I wish you well in that Kaska..:-)

P.S....Make sure to keep you passport updated..Lol..!!
Jul 17 2007 16:52 GMT Katiska
Mr.Cat looks very majestic, again. As always!
Jul 17 2007 17:10 GMT will
Thank you Ms.'Kat'..good to see you too..!!
Jul 22 2007 16:18 GMT pp11364
She is gorgeous.
Jul 22 2007 16:50 GMT will
It's my cat 'Silver'...thanks pp11364...I've had him 3 years and he was a feral (wild) cat, now tame..!! He's very friendly and beautiful..!!
Jul 23 2007 06:59 GMT candle07

She is beatifull cat.
Jul 23 2007 12:23 GMT will
;o)) thanks candle07