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you are never forgotten , Stormy'...always in our hearts....)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 03 2013 00:27 GMT fhelsing PRO
a nice tribute
Jan 03 2013 00:54 GMT will
you are very kind, fleur, thank you..)
Jan 03 2013 05:28 GMT Annamaria
Dogs really are a mans best friend!! ;-) They will be missed like a member of the family when they die....
Jan 03 2013 09:17 GMT Lie
Lovely Stormy.....a friend for ever...
Jan 03 2013 18:20 GMT ForestSpirit
I can see from those eyes that he was a lovely, sweet-natured dog. How, indeed, could anyone ever forget such a precious friend?
Jan 03 2013 20:18 GMT will
thanks, Sylvia yes, he would have made a good "comfort dog" as he is very similar in sisposition to the dogs i left a link for that you saw. in fact, he was a very 'comforting'soul -(dog)' to have around...a dog with a very deep conciously good presence who just naturally gave comfort by his being understanding and sensitivity. .a very loving being...
Jan 03 2013 20:21 GMT will
soulful dog..)
Jan 03 2013 21:42 GMT wijnie58
Lovely memories, Will...:-))
Jan 04 2013 00:37 GMT will
he was really special...i found him at the local shelter here and that was a lucky day for he and I An enjoyed every moment of the 12 years with this sweet natured friend..thanks.)
Jan 04 2013 03:27 GMT potterjo
Such a sweet dog, so hard to lose them.
Jan 04 2013 09:15 GMT senna3
A touching image.
Jan 04 2013 11:52 GMT bandsix
He was so lovely...the eyes tell all....:))
Jan 04 2013 15:40 GMT will
tthank you, Jo... yes, he was a great comfort always so calm, thank you for your kind support, too..)
Jan 04 2013 15:44 GMT will
thank you, Barb, he was very special, he could help you through the hard times we all have sometimes you know..) miss him..but i pray it won't be forever..)
Jan 04 2013 15:44 GMT will
thaaank you, Lie, very much.)
Jan 04 2013 16:04 GMT hans55 PRO
a dog sure is mans best friend ...gives us somany pleasure and joy ...remember the good times you had with him !!!
Jan 04 2013 16:07 GMT will
thanks , hans, i sure do.) it's like he's still here in spirit though, i don't think they ever leave you really..) i found that out in the hospital too! )
Jan 04 2013 23:12 GMT 25barb
When things go wrong or there is hurt in one's life, dogs have a way of being the comfort master. They have an innate comfort gene built into their heart and brain.
They stand by us through everything. True they are members of the family and sometimes they are family...the are loyal and they are dedicated...
Stormy is a beautiful dog and you both had good lives together.
Of course, he will always be missed as I miss my dog Dunner after 25 years plus
Memories will always be there they can't be taken from you.
A wonderful tribute to Stormy = Will's best friend.
Jan 04 2013 23:32 GMT will
Thank you, barb, i guess we can both be happy we had our dogs for a good length of time.....i appreciate your considerate reflections and you are so right....i am sure Dunner loved enjoyed every moment of his life and time with you... and.they never really leave us do they.......or we them.....i feel we're still a part of each other, don't you,barb?..) thanks so much again..)
Jan 04 2013 23:42 GMT 25barb
Yes they are apart of us that nothing can erase.
We carry our love with us...
Thanks for commenting.
Jan 05 2013 16:20 GMT will
you too, 25 barb )
Jan 05 2013 16:21 GMT will
thanks hunju.)
Jan 07 2013 18:24 GMT mellie
Lovely tribute to your friend ... he will always be with you in your heart and memories.
I am sorry for your loss.
Jan 07 2013 21:19 GMT will
thanks mellie, for your very kind words at this time...means a lot to me..)