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In the wild...poppies..:)

*full best...
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 02 2010 21:42 GMT pauli3522
super macro
Jul 02 2010 22:38 GMT ForestSpirit
They're lovely - and white poppies, I think. Anyway, weeds are just wild flowers growing in the wrong place!!
Jul 02 2010 23:24 GMT will
I've been admiring all the poppies I've seen on here lately, so finally was lucky enough to find these in the wild! Thanks Sylvia! :)
Jul 03 2010 15:15 GMT Papagena
This year I have found for the first a lot of different coloured poppies.... surely not all wild ones !!!
Jul 03 2010 16:29 GMT will
I had to look pretty hard around here to find these Papagena! A little story goes this with about me losing my car keys yesterday too!!...When I came back to leave after taking this photo, I couldn't find them and had to search the brush I had walked through because I thought they had fallen out of my shorts in there while taking the pics! But, after a futile attempt at finding them in there and getting my legs terribly cut,
scraped and bleeding... I came back to my car to find my keys RIGHT UNDER MY CAR SEAT!!!..EXACTLY WHERE I HAD LEFT THEM OF COURSE!! ...LOL..:)
Jul 03 2010 16:59 GMT pp11364
Wonderful shot.
Jul 03 2010 20:51 GMT Papagena
Great, like this you will never forget where and in what conditions you have captured these poppies !!
Btw. I have to tell you another, similar story. Thursday evening my son was out with his friends. As weather was wonderful and warm, they went to have a picnic in a park nearby our lake of Geneva. Just before leaving there, my son noted that his keys wasn't in his jeans no more. He phoned me at about midnight if they remained at home. My answer was negative !! He tried to find them without succes. But there was no problem to come home.
Friday in the morning, my husband went to that place, and.....found them !!!! A great chance because copies are rather expensive.
Have a scrapeless weekend dear friend !! ;O))
Jul 03 2010 21:19 GMT will
Thank you! I feel better now knowing I'm not the only one! And, I'm glad your husband could find them, amazing!! Well, that's how we learn too, to be more aware of what we are doing!! My best to you all! And have a great weekend! lol :)
Jul 03 2010 22:55 GMT jceca PRO
never seen these .. nice ..
Jul 04 2010 00:24 GMT will
Thank you Svet! :)
Jul 04 2010 18:59 GMT lossieloon
These white poppies are beautiful - I've never seen them this colour where I live :-))
Jul 04 2010 19:23 GMT will
Thank you, I just stumbled upon them! :)
Jul 10 2010 20:08 GMT choices
Jul 16 2010 21:29 GMT will
thank you! :)