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Snow asit falls right now ) see the kitty footprint s from whiskers just eating here at my door
Original best slightly enlarged )
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Comments on this photo:

13 hours ago bandsix
That looks so cold!
13 hours ago ForestSpirit PRO
I hope Whiskers and the others are using their shelters now!
12 hours ago will
I hope because after this snow the su zero temperatures follow. I kn I've done all I can there I put down clothing in their shelters sylvia and they are well fed. Im glad im here for them.their heated water supply is full.....meaning it won't freezeOver-. That's good ...it's my best. Ihink they'll be o k thanks. That's a dog dish and I fill it 3 times a day and they eat till eight p m then I bring it in so they don't tangle with skunks. About 3 inches of snow today very steady
12 hours ago will
It's been - 12 c all day and will drop way more tonight. I already havebto keep water running all night so the pipe s don't burst an not even winter here yet Barbara. January is the coldest month. Problem is the high altitude. Over a mile high ..Thanks
12 hours ago will
It's 5950 ft. High
9 hours ago will
The woment right below here was meant for you sylvia. sorry!
8 hours ago MargNZ
Keep yourself warm too will :))
2 hours ago linnywv PRO
Brrrrrrrrr! Keep Warm!