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you may now serve me will..........................

Momma Said
By Calvin Forbes
The slice I ate I want it back
Those crumbs I swept up
I’d like my share again
I can still taste it like it was

The memory by itself is delicious
Each bite was a small miracle
Both nourishing and sweet
I wish I had saved just a little bit

I know it wasn’t a literal cake
It’s the thought that counts
Like a gift that’s not store-bought
Making it even more special

Like a dream that makes you
Want to go back to sleep
You can’t have your cake
And eat it too Momma said

I was defiant and hardheaded
And answered yes I can too
The look she ga
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 12 2011 21:35 GMT FLUMP
Thats so true!!
Aug 12 2011 23:02 GMT will
thanks Flump* agree
Aug 13 2011 00:13 GMT will
he look she gave me said boy
I hope you aren’t a fool all your life
Aug 13 2011 06:07 GMT senna3
Nice to see your beautiful photos again!
I hope you have more or less recovered?
Aug 13 2011 13:26 GMT will
thank you peter........... recovery is going to be a long process Peter, but it has begun....thanks for your kindne
Aug 13 2011 17:59 GMT Annamaria
So glad to see your pictures again, Will!! Please take care of yourself!! Take it easy!!
Aug 13 2011 18:33 GMT Papagena
I just agree with Annamaria !! My best wishes for the good continuation of recovery !!
Oct 12 2011 19:36 GMT Milibuh
Purry !!!!!
Oct 15 2011 22:55 GMT will
thankk you Annamaria ) you take care too!!!!!
Nov 14 2011 10:51 GMT ForestSpirit
She's gorgeous, Will. Give her and all the gang a big hug from me!
Nov 14 2011 16:29 GMT will
we are really close.....thanks and I willl Sylvia) all6..)