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Guess I just like cats. Even stuffed ones! :))
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Comments on this photo:

May 15 2008 22:58 GMT kamilla
awwn, so cute :)
May 15 2008 22:59 GMT will
thanks kamilla! :)
May 15 2008 23:25 GMT Babybop
May 16 2008 01:26 GMT LizSA
I just love real life cats....
no stuffed animal can ever subsitude a real life pet...!!
that is what I feel like... now I cannot addopt another pet...::: i miss that
warm little body ... so precious...!!!
May 16 2008 04:08 GMT fhelsing PRO
such sweet cats ... all of them!
May 16 2008 06:36 GMT sarina
tigerrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :) nice one!
May 16 2008 10:59 GMT pp11364
Very gorgeous cat.Fantastic look.
May 16 2008 12:27 GMT will
Thanks sarina! :)
May 16 2008 12:28 GMT will
You're right Liz; I agree! :)
May 16 2008 12:28 GMT will
Thanks Tatyana! :)
May 16 2008 13:28 GMT will
You too! :)
May 16 2008 13:40 GMT Poulet PRO
Very cute shot!!

Have a beautiful weekend, my dear Will. :))
May 16 2008 14:11 GMT will
Thank you my dear! You too! :))
May 16 2008 14:48 GMT Minz PRO
They are all gorgeous Will !
May 16 2008 15:09 GMT will
haha, yes, aren't they though! :) Thanks!
May 16 2008 15:38 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Guess you do...:-))

May 16 2008 15:47 GMT will
Guess even the stuffed ones make me sneeze! naughty, naughty, naughty!! :((
May 16 2008 21:01 GMT Bellavista
All 3 cat look so lovely! Nice family portrait:-)
May 17 2008 12:38 GMT will
Thanks Bea! Always good to see you! :)
May 21 2008 12:43 GMT Katiska
Looks dramatic, maybe your friend has somethin' against these shots.. :-)
May 21 2008 15:22 GMT will
Nope, just me Kat!! :)))
May 22 2008 21:17 GMT otilia
Wonderful gorgeous cats, congratulation, otilia
May 23 2008 14:50 GMT will
thank you otilia!! :)
May 27 2008 13:55 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Really cute :-)
May 27 2008 19:09 GMT will
They're loved! :))
May 28 2008 12:17 GMT jenylew
Love this face here - "pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon"? ;-))))
May 29 2008 13:06 GMT will
haha, very funny Jeny! For what I've seen him eating lately, I seriously think he may need some Grey Poupon!...))
Jun 19 2008 14:43 GMT Anland
Perfect!! Three tigers ;)
Jun 19 2008 15:28 GMT will
hahahaha...well, three and one baby there! (she's hiding behind) lol
Jul 14 2008 05:33 GMT senna3
They are real beauties!
From your pictures I now see that you are a "cat person". When I saw your selfportraitfriday entry I thought dogs were your favourites.
Our daughter came back from the USA (after a stay of 7 years) and brought two cats with her she had picked up from the street. She could not bear to let them behind and now they share her apartment in Amsterdam. So I too begin to know cats better!
Jul 14 2008 12:31 GMT will
Thank you! Well, that certainly says a lot about your daughter's character! I think it's wonderful she loved hers enough to bring them home with her! Many people wouldn't have I think for a journey such as this. So far as me being a "cat person" I can't deny that, but that doesn't exclude me from also being a "dog person" also!! I would have to include in that "elephant person", "dolphin-whale person", and let's see, the list goes on and on!! (maybe I could include "people person" but right now I "know"...more animals I think! Maybe you could put a photo of your daughter's cats up here senna3, I would love to see them! :))
Jul 14 2008 19:25 GMT senna3
I do have a few pictures of one them and I did post one photo (Ukkie: http://www.fotothing.com/senna3/photo/5f07244ba3c4b4cb44b898818161056b/ ). Both cats are very afraid for other people than our daughter, presumably due to the bad conditions they had as pups. So it is difficult to photograph them and I still don't have an acceptable photo of the other cat (Clio).
Jul 14 2008 19:50 GMT senna3
Your remark "maybe I could include "people person" but right now I "know"...more animals I think!" reminded me of the proverb "The more I get to know people, the more I love my dog". Of course one can change "my dog" into "my cat" or into "animals"!
Jul 14 2008 23:26 GMT will
Well, have you heard the old saying 'familiarity breeds contempt' about people? Very similar, but not as cute as yours of course with the dog. Where I live now, people claim to love their horses, but I've become aware of the fact over time that mainly they are more of a status symbol. It's not true of everyone of course, but unfortunately I've seen it with my own eyes over time! My mantra from here out will be..."If I ever have another house in the country, it will be surrounded by trees where I won't be able to see anything going on around me! I've decided that as a lover of animals that's best for me. They have a rather strange attitude towards animals where I'm living out west here (not all of course) and I've heard that it's because of how hard it was during the 'westward expansion' when they made their trek out here and the attitude evolved and still persists. Well, I don't know about that, to me that's strange and it sounds more like a convenient excuse, more like just an easy way to explain it away on some level. Anyway, the greatest abuse here I've seen is through neglect. And I say, "If you don't like your animals, try to find them a home where someone will love, appreciate and care for them - they deserve that much! Thanks Peter! :)