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Well here I was at only nineteen years old. I remember this so clearly. Out in the bush of chu lai Vietnam .my first operation..so called.we didn't ask questions. Just got on a truck or chopper with your gear. My buddy took this pic with his Minolta srt film camera. We all got into photography over there

Original best thanks -).
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Comments on this photo:

9 hours ago skyball
Interesting shot Will..we all have our memories!!!.........
6 hours ago georgygirl2
which one is you will?
6 hours ago will
Just on the right left hand on my .45. Pistol thanks Anne.I'll never forget that day we lost five of my friends..fellow marines that was right after being caught up in an ambush of the Vietcong who somehow knew we were coming. Sad..-( we were really just boys. But the playing stopped abruptly didn't it. Well some who made it through a very long 13 month tour there came out looking seventy.
Luckily I didn't and they sent me back for another 13 months. Great.-(
5 hours ago will
They're all just different Geoff but yeah we do uhh. Even dogs do. That's why when you save one at the shelter they'll give their lives protecting yours. Better than some people Geoff. Have a nice day.
Jeff on the day above we had a trained German shepherd with us.his handler got hit. He was ddyining and we we called in a medical evacuation helicopter that came in qickly. But soon as it landed and they tried to pick up p this marine his dog wouldn't let anyone near him. Luckily one of the navy medics had a tranquilizer gun with him. That's because they frequently had this problem. Also he had given a low pitched snarl just before their Russian made Ak's started firing at us.that's one sound you're never going to forget. I sure feel for those people from Aleppo right now on the Syrian border. Wish I could help them out in some way to escape. War is a terrible thing. What really saddens me are the children involved. What kind of memories are they going to have?
5 hours ago will
Holy s#=#!= what happened in Germany-( what a world eh Geoff
5 hours ago bandsix
Hard times never stop, do they? Fortunately there are good times as well, to make up for it......
4 hours ago Hanny50
The only good thing that came out of it is your interest in photographing !!
3 hours ago martini957
Hopefully some good memories to help ease the heartaches a bit.....I know some that turned to alcohol & drugs to numb the memories : (
1 hour ago will
Yes Nancy it equals the number of deaths and injured. That's why they need to think more about sending our youth. Men and women into harm's way just to feed the monstrous war machine s appetite. Which is insatiable.Thanks.and be prepared to be willing and able to trat them all in a more timely manner
1 hour ago will
Well I would not agree completely with this hanny as I started taking pictures with a Kodak brownie camera. My father also had a darkroom for film in our house. Als he was a U.S. Marine corps Major who fought in Ww2 in the Pacific Islands against Japanese.Thanks Hanny