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'Silver', male 2 yrs old...


'Silver', male 2 yrs old...
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 21 2005 13:35 GMT latif
cute silver
Dec 21 2005 13:49 GMT Kriszti
Love it, will !!,,he is soo comfortable in this :))
Dec 21 2005 14:04 GMT moofygirl
So handsome. What a great photo! :)
Dec 21 2005 14:21 GMT korni
excellent photo!
Dec 21 2005 14:49 GMT StavrosMoforis
Howddy Silver, my man! any new girlfriends lately!
Dec 21 2005 20:32 GMT will
He isn't quite as much the loverboy he used to be.....!!
Dec 21 2005 20:33 GMT will
Yes, he is and thanks for ur comments too!!!!!
Dec 21 2005 21:17 GMT Minz PRO
Silver is just gorgeous.
Looks so happy here - such a nice photograph.
Dec 21 2005 23:37 GMT Poulet PRO
PERFECT shot, Will !!!!!!!
...love the composition and lighting in this foto... :o)))

(and, still...try to luv cats :I)

.. PoUleT ..
Dec 22 2005 02:11 GMT Abaporu
Dec 22 2005 03:24 GMT hbla PRO
wow, you are right, I think my new baby may be a Silver clone!
they have that kindof panther face I think :)
Dec 22 2005 03:39 GMT will
And that nice clean white napkin on their chest too...!! He likes to 'dine out' with the ladies...!! Quite the man on the town...!! Now, does that sound like your new boy a little?? lol...Just give him a little time...lol..!!
Dec 22 2005 03:42 GMT hbla PRO
oh he's already quite the ladies man...he's sooo enamored of PW and is always working the charm, lol
Dec 22 2005 04:57 GMT will
I think she was lonely anyway don't you, kind of nice for her now...
Dec 23 2005 11:58 GMT hbla PRO
yeah, she really needed a friend. someone who dosen't have to go to work in the morning and can play in the middle of the night, lol.