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Comments on this photo:

Apr 06 2013 00:25 GMT 25barb
She is a lovely cat.. she looks very sweet/
She was one of the lucky ones...and you were very kind to save her and now has a warm home with you.
Well done capture...
Happy weekend
Apr 06 2013 00:28 GMT will
Apr 06 2013 00:31 GMT linnywv PRO
A pretty little friend!
Apr 06 2013 00:40 GMT will
Apr 06 2013 02:58 GMT fhelsing PRO
In spite of everything, she's still so sweet and beautiful! She looks so happy now.
Apr 06 2013 09:28 GMT will
Apr 06 2013 09:33 GMT ForestSpirit
Terrible to think what she went through, but I'm so glad she's happy now.
Apr 06 2013 09:41 GMT will
Apr 06 2013 16:55 GMT pauli3522
what a nice end for this story...she is a lucky girl..she found you....lucky lady indeed
Apr 06 2013 21:47 GMT Myshots
Beautiful notes and Cat.....
Apr 06 2013 22:36 GMT will
Apr 07 2013 01:42 GMT potterjo
Lucky kitty, she looks lovely
Apr 07 2013 13:49 GMT bandsix
She looks a very sweet little kitty.......bless:)
Apr 07 2013 23:47 GMT will
Apr 08 2013 19:58 GMT mellie
Beautiful cat and lucky to have found you to care for her. Great to have a happy ending.
Apr 08 2013 23:46 GMT will
Apr 12 2013 18:35 GMT julie13
An animal never forgets an act of kindness. Last year I adopted a skinny, depressed Bearded Dragon, she is elderly, only has one foot and half a tale. She had been in the petshop for months because people want the perfect pet so she was ignored, now she is a happy little dragon, always wanting to be picked up, talked to, cuddled. she is such a lovely pet to have and even though her years advanced she will live out her days being loved and wanted, we humans can make such a difference to an animals life.
You do great work for our feline friends, such kindness they will not forget :)
Apr 12 2013 22:45 GMT georgygirl2
she is a beautful cat will
Apr 14 2013 02:16 GMT will
Apr 14 2013 07:49 GMT Annamaria
Cheeks is a beautifull cat! Your love for them makes them definately happy and thankful, Will!!
Apr 18 2013 23:14 GMT will
Apr 28 2013 02:22 GMT linnywv PRO
Animals truly know who cares for them!
Apr 28 2013 16:45 GMT will
May 03 2013 20:35 GMT Papagena
A rather sad history which found a happy end !!

All in all I had 6 cats, from among we found one abandonned in a box with his sisters and brothers (they found other families). Another living outside (during about 2 years as I learnt), then knocking at my door (an image) but who died 18 months later in my home due to urinary gravels. Moreover I had two cats coming from an animal shelter.......
May 03 2013 23:40 GMT will
May 03 2013 23:42 GMT will
Jun 03 2013 19:05 GMT mellie
This lovely cat looks very much like the feral kitty my cousin & her husband adopted..
They have spayed/neutered numerous cats over the last fifteen years. It is just great when all works out and a loving home is there for them to begin a new, happy life.