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'And love will be love'

On the path
in the truest seasons
of our hearts
where dreams are dreams
hearts are hearts
a rose is a rose
and love will be love...

whether time moves
slowly or quickly
it matters not
if in the truest seasons
of our hearts we resolve
to abide with calm peace
and love will be love...

Should we venture forth easlily
well into summer's soft breezes
or briskly into winter's chilly winds
we will brave the storms
on our paths as we travel
in the truest seasons
of our hearts
and love will be love...

all part of the process
which all have their place
as we fulfill our purpose
along the path
one foot before the other
and love will be love...

Kindred spirits
slippery slopes
a sudden fall
the outreaching hand
to raise you back up
now all is well again
in trust, empathy, faith
time for a comforting smile
the warm hug
while sensing new directions
these days of our hearts
on our pathways of life
and love will be love...

No matter the investment
large or small
in courage and strength
truth will shine its finer light
in brightest days
and darkest nights
on our pathways in life
one day at a time
and love will be love...

Love never too deliberately
nor vainly stakes her claim
she would never betray herself
or lack in graceful beauty
nor in her understanding of virtue
trust, respect and kindness
and love will be love...

On the path
in the truest seasons
of our hearts
where dreams are dreams
hearts are hearts
a rose is a rose
and love will be love...

*by William :)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 19 2010 16:38 GMT charlotte
Nov 19 2010 17:03 GMT Bellavista
It is wonderful Will!
Nov 19 2010 17:29 GMT marijke06
WOW....great rose, and impressive friday morning words :)
Nov 19 2010 17:33 GMT will
Nov 19 2010 18:14 GMT bandsix
Gosh WIll, you are so poetic and of course, artistic!
Nov 19 2010 18:31 GMT ForestSpirit
An exquisite frozen rose, and you certainly have a way with words, Will!
Nov 19 2010 18:50 GMT will
Thank you all very much for your wonderful comments..:)
Nov 19 2010 21:03 GMT beady
very nice
Nov 19 2010 21:39 GMT coocki
wonderful picture!! and thanks for sharing these wonderful lyrics!!!
Nov 19 2010 22:57 GMT will
thank you..:)
Nov 20 2010 00:13 GMT Milibuh
Bella !!!
Nov 20 2010 02:17 GMT fashionmonster94
Beautiful (^_^)
Nov 20 2010 04:46 GMT will
thank you..:)
Nov 20 2010 07:16 GMT FLUMP
An absolute wonder...fabulous
Nov 20 2010 09:11 GMT doramandragora
... the glimmer of hope on a cold winter's night.
Nov 20 2010 13:06 GMT linnywv PRO
The Last Rose Of Summer"

'Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone
All her lovely companions are faded and gone
No flower of her kindred, no rosebud is nigh
To reflect back her blushes and give sigh for sigh

I'll not leave thee, thou lone one, to pine on the stem
Since the lovely are sleeping, go sleep thou with them
Thus kindly I scatter thy leaves o'er the bed
Where thy mates of the garden lie scentless and dead

So soon may I follow when friendships decay
And from love's shining circle the gems drop away
When true hearts lie withered and fond ones are flown
Oh who would inhabit this bleak world alone?
This bleak world alone
Nov 20 2010 17:36 GMT will
So beautiful Lin, I love this, too...thank you..:)
Nov 20 2010 17:38 GMT will
And also so very, very true..:)
Nov 20 2010 18:50 GMT Pea2007
Awesome beauty.
Nov 20 2010 19:59 GMT Annamaria
A lovely rose frozen in its beauty.... but warmed by your heart!

Lovely poem, William!!
Nov 20 2010 20:01 GMT will
Thank you my friend..:)
Nov 20 2010 22:53 GMT Danijela
Fabulous image and poem :)
Nov 20 2010 23:02 GMT abojovna PRO
I translated this beautiful poem! Thank you for true verses! Beautiful rose as illustration!
Nov 20 2010 23:23 GMT Bigbear10
A wonderful capture and lovely words
Nov 20 2010 23:47 GMT will
thank you Bigbear10..:)
Nov 20 2010 23:48 GMT will
thank you Danijela..:)
Nov 20 2010 23:49 GMT will
thank you so much, Doris..:)
Nov 21 2010 01:53 GMT verarenm
Unique image provocating the most deep feeling!
Beautiful Will... how romantic you are!
Nov 21 2010 02:24 GMT will
Well, that is very sweet of you, Vera! Thank you for noticing..:)
Nov 21 2010 12:12 GMT sini
Cold but great!:)
Nov 21 2010 12:16 GMT will
thanks sini..:)
Nov 21 2010 13:20 GMT caferr
lovely composition...
Nov 21 2010 16:55 GMT gafaway
exceptional words and observations...
and stunning winter garden too : )
Nov 22 2010 03:48 GMT will
Were only everything so easy in our lives...as these simple changes...

*but maybe they were never really meant to be - so that they may mean that much more to us when we have finally made them...I would love to think this..:)
Nov 22 2010 14:03 GMT will
Who could possibly resist the warm, fresh baked muffin and of course real butter with one foot before the other on our pathways of life...may I join you? lol
Nov 22 2010 14:39 GMT martini957
Nov 24 2010 13:03 GMT Sweetoes PRO
That's so beautiful.
Nov 24 2010 13:14 GMT will
Thank you..:)
Nov 27 2010 05:02 GMT will
Another thousand years you mean.?..:) Yes, but I hope I may not have to..:)
Nov 29 2010 15:49 GMT LizSA
beautiful.. and I just love the photo of the rose... it is going to perish with all that snow.
Nov 29 2010 16:03 GMT will
Thank you Liz..:)
Dec 06 2010 15:49 GMT stellame
great job!
Dec 06 2010 16:47 GMT will
Jul 11 2012 10:18 GMT superJoan
Whilst the site is having a hic-up.. it gives lots of time to catch up on past photographs..this one is superb...
Jul 13 2012 00:04 GMT will
thank you for your comments Joan! much appreciated!
Aug 23 2013 01:13 GMT mellie
Beautiful & right to my fav's.