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treflection thursday

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the..reflection of.need in my eyes;; the need for love..please.save a life, save this horse save me...save you.


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Comments on this photo:

Mar 19 2014 09:25 GMT ForestSpirit
Upsetting to think of this horse suffering. So many animals - and people - who
need our help. We do what we can, but it's never enough.
Mar 19 2014 15:07 GMT will
This beauty is part of a herd of wild ones who has lived on gov't land since birth and now is brought in with many others to try to help him find a home. He's a very good horse for someone with time, love and a lot of patience (some room to run and some friends of some kind(maybe a goat or two and understanding and will probably outlive them. At least he is being fed on a regular basis and given treatment. they cost about a thousand dollars or so a year to keep if they're in good health snd not injured, etc.

thanks for your empathy an concern and comment, Sylvia! )
Mar 19 2014 15:10 GMT will
they are verry inexpensive, like 300. 00 for this one and be able to prove you can prpare for hi and provide a good home!
Mar 19 2014 15:11 GMT will
it's an auction so you might be lucky and get him for a lot less, Sylvia.!.)
Mar 19 2014 15:19 GMT will
1971, Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act to protect, manage, and control wild horses and burros on public lands. This legislation declares that ". . . wild free roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the west; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the nation and enrich the lives of the American people. . . "

You can find bands of wild horses scattered throughout Colorado's four uniquely beautiful wild horse herd management areas:

Piceance Basin/ East Douglas Creek, west of Meeker;
Mar 19 2014 15:22 GMT will
For Sylvia and all my friends.....please have a look if you can, thanks..)

Mar 19 2014 17:29 GMT Papagena
As Sylvia comments there are such a lot of animals who need help all over the world. I am member of WWF should spend money nearly each day if I could.............
Mar 19 2014 19:08 GMT pauli3522
i will check this later..when i have more time..take care my friend
Mar 20 2014 00:40 GMT will
yes, that's a nice group for animals, Ruth...) thank you!
Mar 20 2014 00:40 GMT will
ok, Pauli, thank you!.)
Mar 20 2014 05:47 GMT Annamaria
Its a beauty!! I hope (s)he will find a loving home!! Every animal has a right to have someone nice to stay with during its life!!
Mar 20 2014 15:12 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Annamaria, Will...What a lovely horse..:-))
Mar 20 2014 17:19 GMT bandsix
Can't bear cruelty of any sort, but particularly to animals.....it's heartbreaking:)
Mar 21 2014 05:30 GMT martini957
Amazing creatures....sad that we can't save every animal in need.....can't even save every human being in need....but wouldn't it be heavenly if we could : ))
Mar 21 2014 19:52 GMT will
I think they're doing their best for the horses! After all, these are huge, wil herds of horses so they're pretty hard to manage. I think it's great they round 'em u in that it gives people a chance to own an animal they maybe could no t otherwise afford to own!and it keeps the herds with limited grazing land managed. Thank youo everyone for your comments..!
Mar 21 2014 19:54 GMT will
sorry ' bout my typing .....wild, not, etc...lol..)
Mar 21 2014 19:56 GMT will
they are not being abused, thanks..
Jul 06 2014 21:59 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Horse!!!!!! Since Adam who was created by GOD, allowed Adam to name all the animals, they became under Adam's care. I just wish that the people today will learn to do the same!!!!!
Jul 08 2014 23:52 GMT will
...i am trying hard to do this but it comes easily for me as it has all my life, thank you gtc....I'm praying to be an 'angel for animals' and the environment someday!

.........that will be the best job i ever have in this life or the next i think...!...))

maybe i will get some help from St. Francis i hope...)