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Great weekend to all my FT friends 'Mot' says!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 01 2007 11:53 GMT hbla PRO
have a great weekend Motley! and all wills kitties!
...and of course will :)
Jun 01 2007 12:06 GMT will
Thanks to mother nature for providing all that great 'kitty litter' too!! mwaaaaaaa..!!
Jun 01 2007 14:26 GMT Poulet PRO
Very cute capture, Will!
Have a beautiful weekend to you, "Mot" and to all your friends at home as well!
Oops! almost forget.... ;P ;P And, to Will !!! ;)))))
Jun 01 2007 19:09 GMT will
Jun 01 2007 22:09 GMT Vasca
Same to you Mot!!!
Jun 02 2007 13:47 GMT sarahrose
Beautiful cat eyes!
Jun 02 2007 21:06 GMT will
She wandered up to the house one day out of nowhere about 3 years ago this spring...She was in really, really bad shape and I don't know how she ever survived the winter which by the looks of her she barely did. She was so emaciated and starving looking I named her 'Motley'...even though in reality about the last thing I needed was another kitty. Yes, I agree her eyes are very beautiful, and she is sweet and loves nothing more than being the center of attention..!! Thanks Sarah!!
Jun 03 2007 03:47 GMT sarahrose
Awww poor baby-so glad you saved her! Look how beautiful she is now-she's a sweetie!