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Have a look at my tail...omg!!...this is 'cat language' for "I am one Happy Cat"..!! :)))
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 02 2007 06:10 GMT suzannesmash
HI MY BABY, my King...LOL, my red lion...come home now!!
Jun 02 2007 06:16 GMT will
hahaha...yes mama I hear you, don't worry!! :-p
Jun 02 2007 13:15 GMT Poulet PRO
Great 'behind the scene' shot, Will !! ;))))
Jun 02 2007 13:30 GMT will
Don't remind of what's coming up on Monday for me...:-))) omg omg omg..!! Move over George Clooney and make way for that nurse...hahahahaha
Jun 02 2007 13:40 GMT will
Red doesn't believe in 'inhibitions'...he'd rather be bird watching...hahaha
Jun 02 2007 13:46 GMT sarahrose
Awww! I love this shot! He's got ATTITUDE!
Jun 02 2007 13:55 GMT Poulet PRO
Hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Will !!
Okay! I won't said anything to remind you of what's coming up on Monday again but I'll sing you this song....... " I don't like Monday ". hahahaaaaa... Could you please play guitar for me, dear ????? ;P LOL
Jun 02 2007 14:06 GMT will
YESSSSSSS...and also lost of CATTITUDE..!!
Jun 02 2007 14:16 GMT will
Jun 02 2007 14:44 GMT sarahrose
LOL-handsome guy with CATTITUDE! I like that!
Jun 03 2007 17:25 GMT hzeinab
Happy little Cat ! Her name is ' Red ' ?
Jun 03 2007 19:28 GMT will
Yes, he...is 'Red'...because at first they were just wild cats roaming about and I picked a simple name to identify them (and I wasn't that attached to them yet)...due to lots of TLC they are now just basic, normal cats who have been socialized...people mistakenly call them 'feral' cats when they are just housecats who have been abandoned or are running wild....too bad people don't neuter their animals etc..!!
Jun 03 2007 20:34 GMT abojovna PRO
:-)))! Lovely series!
Jun 03 2007 22:06 GMT jceca PRO
what a pose !!!! :-))
Jun 03 2007 23:35 GMT will
YESSSS...and he wasn't even really posing (or was he?) !! :-)))
Jun 03 2007 23:45 GMT jceca PRO
of course he WAS posing !!! just, you haven't noticed that ....
cats are so clever creatures !!! :-))
Jun 04 2007 04:05 GMT will
Yes, clever enough to steal your breath while you're sleeping so...I'm sure they are capable of almost anything....cats, omg...
Jun 05 2007 14:25 GMT Katiska
It's impressive, that tail I mean. Like a real lion.
Jun 05 2007 21:00 GMT will
He's 'Lion-hearted' too I think Kat..:-))
Jun 06 2007 12:03 GMT hbla PRO
hahahaa! I've seen dogs lay like that but a cat? don't tell him that tho, lol.
cute pic!!
Jun 06 2007 12:14 GMT will
ok, we don't want it going to his head, I get it..:-))
Jun 06 2007 13:10 GMT Swed
well now isnt that the cats ass lol ;) n1
Jun 06 2007 14:17 GMT will
Well put Swed!! Yes, and talk about indescretion..!! :-))-p
Jun 06 2007 14:58 GMT ferrariwalter
Beautiful cats! Nice cat series. :-))