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Photo of our two flags where I am from and grew up closeby my wonderful and beautiful neighbors in Canada...and some cool vintage footage from Toronto, Canada at a 'Festival Express Concert' in 1970 with Eric Andersen singing his song 'Thirsty Boots'...notice the gentle atmosphere in the air...maybe I'm just dreaming of peace, but I feel it here..:)


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Comments on this photo:

Jan 10 2011 14:22 GMT hans55 PRO
two great flags Will !! .... who knows on my next vacation ..... !! :-)
Jan 10 2011 14:28 GMT will
You've long been on the open road
Sleeping in the rain.
From dirty words and muddy cells,
your clothes are smeared and stained,
But the dirty words and muddy cells
will soon be judged insane.
So only stop to rest yourself til you are off again.

And take off your thirsty boots and stay for awhile.
Your feet are hot and weary, from a dusty mile,
And maybe I can make you laugh. Maybe I can try.
I'm just looking for the evening,
the morning in your eyes.

Then tell me of the ones you saw
as far as you could see.
Across the plains from field to town
a-marching to be free,
And of the rusted prison gates
that tumbled by decree
Like laughing children, one by one,
they look like you and me

So take off your thirsty boots and stay for awhile.
Your feet are hot and weary, from a dusty mile,
And maybe I can make you laugh.
Maybe I can try.
I'm just looking for the evening,
the morning in your eyes.

I know you are no stranger down
the crooked rainbow trails
From dancing cliff-edged shattered sills
of slandered, shackled jails
for the voices drift up from below
as the walls are being scaled
Yes, all of this, and more, my friends
your song shall not be failed

*lyrics by Eric Andersen...
Jan 10 2011 14:29 GMT will
Join me on the border Hans, a very nice environment..:)
Jan 10 2011 14:40 GMT will
Of course one can't help but notice the vigilance of the RCMP but that's ok...it doesn't overshadow the headbands and people were having some good down old time fun on a sunny, beautiful day...hope that never changes.
Jan 10 2011 14:54 GMT bandsix
a great photo Will...and lots of info, too....
Jan 10 2011 15:20 GMT will
thx, barbara..:)
Jan 10 2011 16:10 GMT marijke06
double home country :)
Jan 10 2011 17:05 GMT will
Yes, it's kind of like that being so close on the border, I always felt it and spent a lot of time back and forth...thanks, Marijke..:)
Jan 10 2011 19:55 GMT Lie
Great shot, flaggs are always beautiful !
Jan 10 2011 20:09 GMT will
Yes, they are Lie! Thank you..:)
Jan 10 2011 21:20 GMT martini957
Cool flags & video....couldn't help from thinking of my frozen feet as he sang about hot & weary ones....no snow boots : (
Great song
Jan 10 2011 21:30 GMT will
Oops...I should have said to make sure you had some thick wool socks, Nancy...but I'm glad you are getting to play in the snow with your critters...looks like you're having lots of fun! Enjoy! And thank you so much! I am glad it finally arrived and that my lime green shoes helped it hurry over there..lol
Jan 11 2011 00:06 GMT potterjo
Lovely image!
Jan 11 2011 03:04 GMT fhelsing PRO
a nice day!
Jan 11 2011 03:07 GMT will
Yes, nice days...the best kind, Fleur..thanks..:)
Jan 11 2011 03:12 GMT will
Thank you, Jo..:)
Jan 11 2011 08:04 GMT Pea2007
This is some awesome music history Will.
Jan 11 2011 11:52 GMT will
Yes, I'm happy that people documented it the way they did. It's the hugely important benefit of the film and photographic media which enables us a realistic look back. Glad to find someone who appreciates this as much as I do and I'm happy for the internet as a place to find information about things like this! I'm sure that all concerts have their similarities, but of course they all have their unique qualities and a variety of different performers too. Eric Andersen was part of the early folk music scene that arose out of the Greenich Village, New York, folk scene of the early 1960's. I believe he is living in Norway and still performing all over the world as far as I know. I was lucky enough to see him in California awhile back. He has some great songs. My favourite song of his is 'Close the door lightly' a really beautiful folkstyle ballad. Thanks, Peter!
Jan 11 2011 14:03 GMT Pea2007
During the 1960`s Will I got heavy on folk music from both sides of the Atlantic.
After leaving school I learnt to compose songs and I even sang lead in a folk group with two exgirlfriends both wer later music teachers.
Yea folk music is in my veins.
Jan 11 2011 14:37 GMT will
Jan 11 2011 14:54 GMT LizSA
yes the air is gently.... and peaceful .... looks like... Will...!
Jan 11 2011 15:07 GMT LizSA
really peacefull to listen to the song..
our internet is sooo slowwww... it takes about 10 minutes to download, then I replay it and can listen peacefully..... great song.... great artist...!
Jan 11 2011 15:12 GMT LizSA
I liked that as well thankyou Pea/.... Peter.... it was nice sing along..:)
Jan 11 2011 15:35 GMT will
Peter! Great song! I always loved this one! Thanks so much. I'm fortunate enough to have met Pete one time! A pretty thrilling experience for me. Yes, all those little boxes, but hopefully not so much where you live now! :)
Jan 11 2011 15:36 GMT will
Glad Liz like the songs too! Thanks Liz..:)
Jan 17 2011 14:08 GMT otilia
Jan 17 2011 14:11 GMT will
...thanks Otilia, my Canadian neighbors flag, so beautiful to me because of all it represents for me...Canada is very pretty, just like your own country is I am sure..:)