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the queen in meditation
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 13 2014 09:50 GMT bandsix
and what a lovely throne she has!
Mar 13 2014 12:39 GMT linnywv PRO
Someone is nice and cozy!
Mar 13 2014 13:11 GMT julie13
Cozy place = happy cat :)
Mar 13 2014 13:30 GMT annieann PRO
what a georgous cat will . loves her comfort i see xx
Mar 13 2014 14:56 GMT T1MELESS PRO
We all do spoil our pets, great shot !!!
Mar 13 2014 16:52 GMT ForestSpirit
Ah, Ms Petunia, I think (losing track of their names a bit with all your recent additions!). Lovely photo of her, Will.
Mar 13 2014 18:36 GMT will
Ii have to laugh, Sylvia..thanks! you can imagine me too I think.True there has been quite a deluge of new arrivals recently so it seems! Little Blacky is the one I i think is so cute...you should see how he comes running towards me when he hears me in the morning (quite early) coming out to feed them. he's very sweet too..) you are right that he would be one of the easier ones to find another home for....but you know me...))
Mar 13 2014 18:36 GMT will
Thanks, TIMELESS! yes, we do don't we!..)
Mar 13 2014 18:40 GMT will
yes, Linda....somehow I just knew she'd love this little queenly chamber..) thank you, Lin and everyone else for your nice and thoughtful comments..)
Mar 13 2014 18:43 GMT will
thanks, julie I think she is....)
Mar 14 2014 02:49 GMT fhelsing PRO
a perfect queen!
Mar 15 2014 01:46 GMT will
yes, queenly..)
Mar 15 2014 07:52 GMT Papagena
Cats always know what kind of seat is fittling !! She looks like the one I met some days ago....

Mar 15 2014 08:51 GMT wijnie58
What a lovely place for the cat, Will...:-))
Mar 16 2014 00:49 GMT will
yhanks, wijnie, yes she likes it..)
Mar 16 2014 00:50 GMT will
oh, very nice, Ruth, thanks )
Mar 16 2014 02:44 GMT martini957
Mar 16 2014 04:25 GMT mellie
What a nice shot ... she looks happy and cozy. :-)
Mar 16 2014 08:49 GMT MargNZ
Snug and content I would say Will :)
Mar 18 2014 21:16 GMT georgygirl2
so much like my late cat jess.
Mar 18 2014 21:47 GMT pauli3522
lovely cat
Mar 19 2014 00:25 GMT will
oh,yes, g.g..I remember now, thanks..
Mar 19 2014 00:26 GMT will
thanks, pauli, how yaaaaaa doin;?.) fine i hope
Mar 19 2014 19:05 GMT pauli3522
fine my friend...very very busy..missing my friends on ft...
Mar 20 2014 01:41 GMT will
we've missed you pauli...)
Apr 16 2014 22:12 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Apr 17 2014 07:21 GMT will
seems the novelty has worn out now already for herthough -.......haha.oh.well.. .....Cats! ( tks minz)
May 05 2014 13:12 GMT ferrariwalter
Dogs have masters, cats have staff! ;-)
May 06 2014 00:10 GMT will
very good, and right! )
Jul 06 2014 22:00 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 08 2014 23:46 GMT will
oh, thanks.....for some reason she hasn't been in that little house for weeks now. She loved it when i first brought it home for her! you know how weird cats are though, i won't even try to guess why she's lost her desire to go in it anymore....lol..)