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Comments on this photo:

Mar 24 2014 13:31 GMT linnywv PRO
My cat would run like the dickens!
Mar 24 2014 14:11 GMT Papagena
I have already heard about cats going to sit on WC and even use toilet-paper !!

One of my cats did it in our bath (rather nice at least..isn't it) when we prepared our holidays bagages....!!

A lovely song, I didn't know her so far.....
Mar 24 2014 16:16 GMT julie13
Cats are very clever :)
Mar 24 2014 20:09 GMT mellie
Really cute shot. All of our cats have loved water.
Mar 24 2014 21:34 GMT will
oh, all are different! she runs to it!..) thanks, Lin.)
Mar 25 2014 00:02 GMT fhelsing PRO
nice fresh water!
Mar 25 2014 19:55 GMT pauli3522
lo...why all the cats do the same...drinking the wather in is way???
Mar 26 2014 01:35 GMT martini957
So sweet...my Wild-Kitty loves to do this too
Mar 26 2014 01:38 GMT martini957
Lovely young lady...beautiful voice and awesome video....heart touching
Mar 26 2014 07:11 GMT bandsix
When you're thirsty.........any tap will do!
Mar 27 2014 01:55 GMT will
just about it, any port in a storm eh? thanks..)
Mar 27 2014 01:56 GMT will
thanks Nancy, I agree )......cool, wild kitty too..! )
Apr 03 2014 19:33 GMT ForestSpirit
Interesting shot, Will. None of my cats have ever done this.
Good song too!
Apr 04 2014 01:34 GMT will
oh no?...ha ha thank you, Sylvia.)
Apr 06 2014 19:19 GMT linnywv PRO
How sweet!!!
Apr 06 2014 20:50 GMT georgygirl2
my friends cat used to do the same
Apr 09 2014 05:04 GMT pauli3522
are you fine??
Apr 13 2014 01:36 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Cats are amazing creatures, we just dont take the time to watch. I talk to mine all the time, and he knows exactly what I am saying - mind you I dont ask him to multiply 7 x 4 .There is a new cat, a black one that has suddenly over the last month, totally wild cat to boot, come pay us visits. Talk about chat. I have never known a cat to talk so much. He has so many different meows, tones etc. To begin with it was all snarls, claws and gimmy food now he interacts and loves a head rub, just for so long then his tails starts to swing, so we know to leave off. He just slips in thro the cat flap even tho there is a boxer dog around and my other cat Talek.
Apr 13 2014 02:04 GMT will
I'm happy you are back, Minz...thanks, that's great..) Talek I do remember, too!
Apr 13 2014 19:06 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Pleased to be back Will - Soooo pleased to see you called me Minz !
Apr 14 2014 00:59 GMT will
....thanks, too, Minz.)
Jul 06 2014 21:54 GMT gtc126
A little water Please!!!!!!!!
Jul 20 2014 17:52 GMT will
they love fresh water don't they, Sylvia..)