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Ok grey run away and play
tay by the house please -)) she worries me to death !(
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15 hours ago Hanny50
If you love that cat I can imagine that you worry if everything is going well but cat always land on there feet !!!!!
13 hours ago will
Across from me is a so called "neighbor who hate s cats and poisoned 2 dogs wh died a horrible painful death he doesn't like dogs that bark or cats or anyone or anything near His property. Then there is the street which people constantly speed down. Then if all tha s not enough she fights with my other cat s ou there. You see my dilemma. Thanks hanny.the situation is horrible
10 hours ago ForestSpirit PRO
That's a nasty situation - I'll keep my fingers crossed for her and the others.
9 hours ago will
Thanks Sylvia I could never have imagined it. A nice young boys dogs.his mother cried when telling me what had happened. Then I began losing it. I know I need to move or I could be next serious here.
6 hours ago will
mother of two children and an Iraq war veteran, both of whom were accompanying friends to the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, have been identified as the two civilians killed in the shooting that also left a police officer dead and nine others wounded.

Jennifer Markovsky, 35, was at the Colorado Springs clinic Friday with a friend, Markovsky's father John Ah-King told ABC News. Markvosky's friend was injured during the shooting and taken to a hospital. Speaking of nasty and pschos with guns my question is ..when is this shit going to end ? I am s sick of violence etc
6 hours ago will
Make that sooooooSick of violence...its just unacceptable !(