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a smiling 'Tiger' greets the new day..)

*full sz best..)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2014 05:12 GMT mellie
Lovely cat and what a pretty color his fur is. Looks very well fed. :-)
Jan 31 2014 08:59 GMT ForestSpirit
Oh, thanks Will - he's lovely! Maxi and Mickey will be interested too(!), as your two new cats have the same colouring - black and white and ginger and white (or is it "orange and white" over there?).
Jan 31 2014 17:21 GMT martini957
Sweet capture...love the light too
Jan 31 2014 17:55 GMT Annamaria
She is enjoying the sun! ;-)) Sweet!!
Jan 31 2014 19:23 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic shot of Tiger...Will...Love red cats..:-))
Feb 01 2014 00:07 GMT fhelsing PRO
so sweet!
Feb 01 2014 00:18 GMT will
yes;, I thought of that Sylvia,..thank you and everyone for your nice comments..)
Feb 01 2014 00:20 GMT will
yes, i'm on the job mellie..the 3rd winter I've been feeding him outside here!..thanks..)
Feb 01 2014 00:20 GMT will
tks, Nancy..)
Feb 01 2014 00:21 GMT will
yes, he is Annamaria..) tks..happy weekend to you )
Feb 01 2014 00:22 GMT will
me too, Wijnie...thank you.)
Feb 01 2014 00:22 GMT will
thanks Fleur..)
Feb 01 2014 07:55 GMT hans55 PRO
cats always like sunshine !! ... same as me !! :-)
Feb 01 2014 17:28 GMT annieann PRO
this is nice will
Feb 02 2014 00:59 GMT will
hahaha don't we all , hans..)
Feb 02 2014 01:00 GMT will
thank you annieann.)
Feb 04 2014 18:00 GMT georgygirl2
sunshine too!
Feb 05 2014 02:58 GMT will
yes it was -30C right before this photo g girl......really about an hour....unreal huh?
Feb 05 2014 10:00 GMT superJoan
How lovely, she is smiling at the sunhine, obviously enjoying it all
Feb 06 2014 01:31 GMT will
well 2 hrs before this it was - 35C so you can imagine why the sun makes him smile...thanks Joan..)...not quite bating suit weather i would have to say.. huh.)
Mar 14 2015 20:08 GMT Snappa1
Lovely photo Will, tthat certainly is a smile
Mar 15 2015 02:56 GMT will
He has had a rough go of it but I 've been trying to help him as much as is possible for at least three years now. He is finally noticeably improved. Thanks. And yes that's his smiley face toothy grin

Y face

His name is tiger..