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Another photo of pretty girl. -)
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Comments on this photo:

3 hours ago Sunny70Blairgowrie
Ans she sure is a pretty girl will - looks a wonderful coat and such a lovely face !
3 hours ago will
She's just a free roaming cat around here minz. It's surprising to me she's homeless she's such a nice cat. I'll br her in with me this winter rather than see her freeze and suf to death in minus45 degrees out there. That's hi I have sobmany in with me now. Thanks.
3 hours ago will
This place out bherebis where many stupid people abandon their pets afterbeing kicked out of apartments in town eight miles away. ..sad
2 hours ago will
I might have to ad an addition to my house just for all these cats..

Let s see I figured about 25 thousand dollars could do it....I dont know-) we will see thanks Fiona
31 minutes ago Bellavista
Pretty girl indeed Will! You have such a good heart!
19 minutes ago will
Sweet of you bea thanks. I just love animals. Of all kinds too including your whales and dolphins too.._)
16 minutes ago will
I think basically they're kinder than many people don't you bea? )
15 minutes ago will
At least they don't think about nuking their neighbours )
8 minutes ago will
Bea please see above. I forgot again-)