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Comments on this photo:

Dec 30 2012 16:29 GMT ForestSpirit
He's beautiful, Will.
I see you have no snow today - hope that means it's not as freezing cold as usual!
Dec 30 2012 16:45 GMT will
it melted yesterday afternoon, thank you, Sylvia)
but it will be back soon...6 F this morning here)

then warm in the afternoon, typical here )
Dec 30 2012 17:18 GMT pauli3522
is he a friendly cat???
Dec 30 2012 17:19 GMT Papagena
A cute fellow with golden eyes !! I had a black cat too some years ago, a "she" called Aga!! ;*)
Dec 30 2012 18:56 GMT will
oh, nice) thks)
Dec 30 2012 18:58 GMT will
yes,I would say so, pauli..).for a panther)
Dec 30 2012 19:48 GMT wijnie58
We had also a black cat, we call him spookie...Beautiful picture Will...:-))
Dec 30 2012 21:49 GMT will
spooky is a good name., wijnie )
Dec 31 2012 16:22 GMT will
Jan 01 2013 22:31 GMT ForestSpirit
Yes, Will, what an amazing and moving story! There certainly are some wonderful animals about, as animal-lovers like us have always known ..... .

Oh, and thank you for letting me know about the next chance to capture Jupiter - weather permitting! I've made a note of the date.
Jan 02 2013 14:28 GMT will
thank you, Sylvia!! )
Jan 02 2013 19:43 GMT julie13
I had a snake called Shadow. This is a lovely pic of your beautiful cat.
Jan 02 2013 23:24 GMT will
Shadow is a stray that i have atken in just this past month 'cause i couldn't allow him to be out all night in the -20C temps here so i am feeding him and have found a little place i made for him to sleep by the furnace...and he seems very happy about it all, Julie.....i agree he is beautiful , and so now i have 5 cats and one 3 legged dog, 'Bear'...thank

you, Julie..)

interesting that you had a snake with the same name!, too)
Jan 15 2013 01:26 GMT will
haank very much, hunju..)