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Hummingbird at rest...
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Comments on this photo:

12 hours ago Sunny70Blairgowrie
Great capture !
12 hours ago will
That's due to the smoke from the forest fires blowing in . Thanks cough..cough..
11 hours ago kaka2015
Beaytifullllllll shot Will!
11 hours ago Lalbabu
A rather unusual shot of hummingbird !!!!!
10 hours ago Snappa1
I've never seen a Hummingbird in real life. Nice shot
8 hours ago bandsix
Not often still, are they? Good shot!
7 hours ago will
Obrigada kaka)
7 hours ago will
Thanks linda. I ran for my camera I tink its a ruby throated one
7 hours ago will
Barbara I've only seen them rest like this a few times..Thanks
7 hours ago will
6 hours ago georgygirl2
ive never seen one. you wouldn't want an argument with that beak!
6 hours ago Papagena
It's a fantastic unusual capture of a hummingbird !! Lucky you Will !! :^)
3 hours ago will
They need to gather a lot of sucrose which is why they buzz around like they do. Its their key to survival. Also they were what inspired the idea for designing the helicopter. It was he furios ackwards rotation of their wings .that fascinated aeronautica theorists and engineering types as far back as leonardo davinci . If im not mistaken he sketched the first plans for one. I read this somewhere many hundreds of years ago Linda. Thanks -)
3 hours ago will
3 hours ago will
They are very gentle creatures Ann who would not be inclined to harm you in any way unless like any animal you threatened their offspring in some way.