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Comments on this photo:

Jan 11 2009 17:47 GMT yvon
he!!!! Look at me
Jan 11 2009 17:51 GMT marijke06
he looks a little scared....what did you tell him here?..:)
Jan 11 2009 17:51 GMT will
hahaha, he hates the camera! :)
Jan 11 2009 20:30 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
I think he is saying something like "Will I jump the darn camera or ignore it?...Decisions decisions"
Jan 12 2009 03:19 GMT will
Yes, now that you mention it he does. I think he's just frantically searching for the way to get out the window! It's been extra hard to keep him inside the last couple nights with the full moon. You know cats marijke! :))
Jan 12 2009 04:09 GMT hbla PRO
he reminds me of PeeWee here and she is SO devious! she has figured out how to make the rubber door mat go SLAP SLAP and knocks the door blind weights around until I want to throw her out!
I can't tho, we have too many predators here.
Jan 12 2009 11:08 GMT senna3
Great series of cat photos!
Jan 12 2009 13:17 GMT will
Yes Heather! They are very, very clever aren't they! They'll drive you to distraction (nice way of putting it) until they get their way..:))

(I have coyotes, eagles and the like here, but still worry more about cars in the street)...Thanks! :)
Jan 13 2009 14:24 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Awwwww...poor kiity doesn't like cameras:-))

*takes the nasty camera from Will and POKES him*
Jan 13 2009 14:25 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I meant kitty.
I can't type on Tuesdays...lol
Jan 13 2009 22:39 GMT otilia
Jan 16 2009 20:48 GMT will
Thank you my friend otilia! :)
Jan 31 2009 22:47 GMT Vasca
A little fat?? :D
Feb 13 2009 10:52 GMT will
I'm a little fat? Not really...Oh him? Yes, you noticed! :D
Feb 26 2009 21:40 GMT Milibuh
Cute cat !!!
Feb 27 2009 19:50 GMT will
Thanks Nora! :)
Apr 28 2009 04:46 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Wow this is one big boy. He looks as big & chunky as my British boy Carbon.
May 04 2009 01:23 GMT will
haha, thanks PinkRocks!! :)
Jun 27 2009 15:00 GMT linnywv PRO
Great expression!