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3 month old pure wolf puppy, Tigan..
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 12 2010 20:28 GMT marijke06
wow....that's a beauty!
Dec 12 2010 20:31 GMT verarenm
WOW, WOW..... he is wonderful wolf!
Dec 12 2010 20:48 GMT Annamaria
A beauty, William!! Is it yours?? Is it possible to have it like a pet?
Dec 12 2010 20:53 GMT FLUMP
He's so beautiful....wonderful markings
Dec 12 2010 20:55 GMT sirenans
Beautiful dog portrait!!
Dec 12 2010 21:12 GMT ForestSpirit
What a fabulous animal, and a great photo, Will!
Dec 13 2010 00:45 GMT potterjo
So cute!
Dec 13 2010 02:02 GMT hans55 PRO
a beauty !!!
Dec 13 2010 04:24 GMT doramandragora
What's that tag doing around his neck? Shouldn't he be out there in the wild... or at least in a protected wildlife reserve?
Dec 13 2010 04:55 GMT will
Thanks everyone for your comments..:)
Dec 13 2010 06:21 GMT Pea2007
Beautiful Wolf.
Dec 13 2010 15:14 GMT ferrariwalter
Great photo! :-)
Dec 13 2010 16:57 GMT Bellavista
So adorable! :-)
Thanks for the comments Will:-)
Dec 14 2010 21:07 GMT gafaway
looking ready to play : )
beautiful and healthy pup!
Dec 15 2010 02:02 GMT will
Thank you all for your thoughtful comments..:)
Dec 15 2010 14:30 GMT linnywv PRO
Will do many people have these as pets?
Dec 15 2010 14:47 GMT will
No it is pretty uncommon, Lin. They are similar but at the same time so very, very different than a dog. They are really a handful and you need to be a very exceptional person with a lot of understanding and patience to deal with such a creature as the wolf.
Dec 15 2010 16:42 GMT linnywv PRO
To be honest Will, I'd love him as a pup but I don't know what I'd do when the dog is an adult. They surely are more aggressive than most breeds of dog would be, no?
Dec 15 2010 17:08 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Beautiful pup Will:-))
Dec 15 2010 19:24 GMT will
Yes, he's already being corrected to not bite so hard. He plays pretty rough for a 3 month old, Lin! I think he will be a real protector. And one of the best friends you could have in any situation. They are unbelievably intelligent. And would be willing to lay down their life for you.
Dec 15 2010 19:24 GMT will
Thank you Sweetoes..:)
Dec 16 2010 17:19 GMT martini957
So sweet looking
Dec 16 2010 20:46 GMT will
thank you martini, he is very..! :)
Jan 01 2011 02:06 GMT mamontof
So yang , so week feet , need run in stairs so his chest grow and feet became strong !
What a lovely capture
Jan 01 2011 02:19 GMT will
Just wait! He is only 3 months old! All he will do is play...he will wear you out first believe me, and he will grow into these feet..:)