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This is 'Cheeks'...once a wild, feral cat, now almost tame. It took me 9 years of working with her to help her overcome her huge fear of coming into the house through my window, but, finally, after a lot of patient resolve and TLC, she is safe and warm with winter coming on. Seeing her like this is one of my best gifts ever..:)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 23 2010 15:25 GMT ForestSpirit
Such a sweet photo of Cheeks, and I'm SO glad that her story, which started so horrifyingly, finally had a happy end - thanks to you, dear Will!
Oct 23 2010 15:40 GMT Donjames
She sure looks happy and content now will...
Oct 23 2010 16:21 GMT bandsix
She is a very sweet and wonderful cat who is very lucky to have met a person such as you, Will.......
Oct 23 2010 19:17 GMT Annamaria
You are a real animal lover, William!! Good for you! ;-))
Oct 23 2010 19:20 GMT will
Thank you all for your kind comments..:)
Oct 23 2010 22:34 GMT fhelsing PRO
so cozy and contented now!
Oct 23 2010 22:40 GMT will
Oct 24 2010 17:16 GMT Papagena
Glad to hear about this wonderful history !! Myself I had welcomed several cats who had been abandoned. The only difference is that they had at least not became too wild....

But one of them had lost the feeling of when he had eaten enough, and stoled the meal of my other cats. I tested if he would accept anything and put a little bit of mustard on my finger.....and effectively he licked it. Therefore I had to learn him to eat normally again and gave him his portion in another room. And indeed after a certain time, his behavior became correct again !! ;*')

Have a beautiful week my friend !!
I shall try to view again your pictures as soon as my son has installed a new PC. Today it is thanks to his labtop that I am able to give some comments !!
Oct 25 2010 00:48 GMT will
Thank you very much Ruth! :)
Oct 25 2010 05:26 GMT beady
cute cat
Oct 25 2010 14:14 GMT martini957
Amazing what TLC can do...beautiful cat
Oct 26 2010 14:16 GMT verarenm
Sweet photo, sweet story Will. Sometimes is need long time to overcome a obstacle, a problem or a fear. Yes, the most important is the courage. I would like every story had a happy ending.
Oct 26 2010 17:46 GMT senna3
You did a great job!
Oct 27 2010 12:52 GMT junne PRO
she looks very comfortable and at home
Oct 29 2010 14:49 GMT doramandragora
The cat whisperer... it takes a special personality to really understand cats. It's not all about the food.
PS: Thank you for your magical messages... one moment there, next moment vanished somewhere into the cosmos again.
Oct 30 2010 13:11 GMT will
It's wonderful when you realize that it's not all about the food. A very profound insight Doris...one that gives me great joy when I experience this, which is often, very often with my cats...thank you so much..:)
Oct 31 2010 01:03 GMT linnywv PRO
How could she not give in to you! The other morning a five point buck walked into the yard. I watched him and stepped outside with the camera. When I realized he was not afraid I brought out an apple. He walked toward me but last minute decided it was too risky. He never ran though. He walked back in the woods so I put the apple down for him. He came back to get it. I can't wait until next time. It will give me such enormous pleasure to have him take it from my hand!!
Oct 31 2010 01:48 GMT will
They are such beautiful creatures aren't they, Lin? It's a little distressing for the obvious reasons, though, this time of year considering the season. I am sure that he could sense your gentleness and he knew that there was nothing to fear from you. Animals are so in tune. We have intuition, but they survive completely through their senses. I hope you can experience him accepting the apple right out of your hand. I think he might eventually, hope so, a wonderful feeling, yes...:)

About little 'Cheeks' here...I just wish she had come in earlier. All those winters out there. It's hard to imagine how she could have survived, and she did it with no real shelter, just always out in the brush behind my house. Sometimes here at night it is -25F, and it stays like this at night for days on end, because it is 6000 ft. high up. I just wish she could have come in sooner, she is such a wonderful cat. She is stretched out right beside me, laying next to me as I type this to you, safe and warm at last...I'm very happy about this! Thank you Lin..:)