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Tags cats

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Don't be alarmed. It is cold outside here, but the rain isn't real..
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 14 2005 02:08 GMT MissKelly
awww beautiful
hello purdy
come see Auntie Kelly
Dec 14 2005 02:18 GMT Milibuh
And Auntie Nora...
Dec 14 2005 02:21 GMT will
I wouldn't let this one anywhere near your cute little 'Lorenzo' MK..!!...that's why he's outside still...lol..(however, I do take care of 'Red' here as best I can under the circumstances since he walked 20 miles back from where I dropped him off and couldn't get rid of him and couldn't find a home for him...I actually like him though he's unpredictable at times. I figure he deserves as much kindness as I can offer him.
Dec 14 2005 02:23 GMT will
What's your address again Auntie Nora??...lol!!
Dec 14 2005 02:53 GMT Poulet PRO
COOL effect, Will....
beautiful colour as well! :o))
Dec 14 2005 02:58 GMT will
Just so you know MK. The reason I tried to 'dump him' was that he was continually attacking my other 3 cats. He's gotten a lot better since being neutered though.
Dec 14 2005 03:18 GMT snowbird
Effect & compo very well executed!!!
Dec 14 2005 03:50 GMT will
Well, I have to give all the credit to 'Red' for pawing at the door in the rain and snow right on que...!! lol..
Dec 14 2005 03:56 GMT MissKelly
hahaha nice save Will
I was almost going to have to head over there and give you a lickin! but ok i understand, attacking other cats..domination issue...ya know..me being a therapist and all..I get it
xoxoxoxoxox lol
Dec 14 2005 04:05 GMT will
Yeah!! I knew you'd get it MK seeing it all fits under the heading of 'Crazy Business'...lol..!! I've got a few more patients to send up that way if you can fit them in. I'm not doing the S & M 'Crowd' anymore myself, a little too scary. (worse than truck drivers on uppers)...!! thanks...hahaha
Dec 14 2005 04:58 GMT hbla PRO
awww, look at him! at least give him a hamburger!!
Dec 14 2005 05:22 GMT Prikthai
First time I show your fotos. Great work. I`m a beginner and you are a artist. I think I can learn a lot about you.
Dec 14 2005 06:32 GMT hallo
very nicely done
Dec 14 2005 07:10 GMT Kriszti
real cool effect ..WELL DONE !!
Dec 14 2005 07:23 GMT beedabee
Great effect .. get the cat inside , please !!!!
Dec 14 2005 08:01 GMT korni
wonderful photo!!!
Dec 14 2005 08:02 GMT Minz PRO
Such a lovely picture!
Red looks adorable!
Dec 14 2005 09:29 GMT Vampira
Hey, hello!! =D
Soooooooo cutie cat!! XD~
Dec 14 2005 12:57 GMT curves PRO
Ace move getting him neutered, whish everyone would be that responsible
Dec 14 2005 13:24 GMT bertel
I could give you a real funny comment on this one, but it would be to sexual oriented and not sober !!!!/B
Dec 14 2005 14:10 GMT latif
Dec 14 2005 14:15 GMT jceca PRO
let me innnnn, pleeease!!! nice rain effect.
Dec 15 2005 09:10 GMT santolina
so very nice face!
Dec 15 2005 14:39 GMT moofygirl
Wonderful photo Will. What a sweetie!
Dec 15 2005 23:43 GMT korni
extraordinary photo!
Dec 16 2005 10:02 GMT callista
Gorgeous pic !
Dec 16 2005 17:46 GMT lieke
cute.....and so nice
Dec 17 2005 04:37 GMT will
Thanks callista...
Dec 17 2005 04:38 GMT will
thank you lieke...!! love ur photos too!!
Dec 19 2005 03:07 GMT Abaporu
I love it.
Dec 21 2005 22:01 GMT midge
Lovely Red!! Just the same character as my Joey was as well, he's just jealous i think...wants you all to himself!! LOL!
Jul 01 2007 13:24 GMT Peixy
Jul 22 2007 04:33 GMT LisaSam67
that's a great shot.... wonderful mood
Nov 03 2007 17:28 GMT Cantara
Nice shot! And nice editing as well!
Nov 20 2007 21:58 GMT will
Thanks! Long time Cantara, how's Ireland? :-)
Nov 30 2007 11:48 GMT Cantara
Long time, indeed! How are you doing?

Ireland is beautiful as always! In fact I'm moving to Dublin in January, to stay for five months! :)
Dec 13 2007 14:01 GMT will
Wow! Keep in touch! Lucky girl! :))
Apr 16 2008 18:10 GMT will
Well, now he has complete possession of what used to be my "Music Room"...I must be totally insane! And you can't even imagine what a wreck it is...sad, :((
Jun 21 2010 14:39 GMT doramandragora
This must be puss from outer space...
Jun 21 2010 15:17 GMT will
Yes, now that you mention it this scene does look rather 'other worldly'..the way cats behave they seem to me like little 'alien beings' lots of the time (one conception of what an 'alien being' might be like!! lol...however, maybe it is we who are the real aliens...I'm sure that in their minds at least we are! :)

*by the way, I thought you might be interested to know I had just read an article recently by someone who said it might not be such a good idea to try so hard to attempt to establish communication with 'outside beings'...whether or not we do try to establish any communication with them may be kind of a 'moot point'...good chance they already are very well aware of us...(that's my idea)...wonder what your thoughts might be on this subject! I spent a great deal of time as a child laying on my back at night all alone looking up into the universe and trying to get their attention...I was hoping they would come down and pick me up and take me away, but as you can see I'm still here! lol
Jun 22 2010 15:27 GMT doramandragora
Always be careful what you wish for... look into the pit and the pit looks into you...
Nov 29 2010 03:33 GMT will
haha, well I can send him to you, no problem..:)
Nov 29 2010 03:36 GMT will
Red won't mind, as long as he can eat..lol
Nov 29 2010 03:39 GMT will
Well, I'm not sure Fedex is so understanding, but we can try! What do you think M..:)
Nov 29 2010 03:45 GMT will

Well, If you would prefer him to a rainbow and pot of gold just let me know M...he will eat you out of house and home though, so please be advised..lol

maybe I could get Santa to drop him off...how's your chimney these days??)
Nov 29 2010 03:46 GMT will
He, not Santa, is a little on the 'hefty' side..:)
Nov 29 2010 03:50 GMT gafaway
I can't believe that... hefty cat... shhh... don't let him hear you...
Nov 29 2010 03:53 GMT will
hey, let's dress him in a santa suit..:)
Nov 29 2010 03:56 GMT gafaway
that is not going to work out well for you...
I am not the brightest bulb in the pack...
but I do know enough to never dress a cat in a santa suit...
Nov 29 2010 03:57 GMT will
he'd look better as an elf..:)
Nov 29 2010 03:59 GMT will
Well, of course he will need a tranquilizer, I am not totally insane..lol

I know he hates Christmas..lol
Nov 29 2010 13:00 GMT will
Tis true, so true...especially concerning this one, you are very right...bright too!..:)