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'hahaha...Will's allergic to me..'...:-))
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 22 2007 00:04 GMT jceca PRO
OMG !!!! this REALLY looks like a hysterical smile ....... :-)
what a photo ......................
Jun 22 2007 01:13 GMT Poulet PRO
ROFL !!!!
Such a cute capture!
I will not let my youngest 'son' saw this, or else he would said the same!!
Have a beautiful weekend, Will. :)))))
Jun 22 2007 01:27 GMT will
Yes, but more evil...only a cat could do..!!
Jun 22 2007 01:27 GMT will
Same to you my friend PouLet..:-)
Jun 22 2007 02:28 GMT linnywv PRO
This is a great catch.........he definately looks like he's arguing with you......and we DO know who will win! ;)
Jun 22 2007 03:22 GMT Vasca
Jjajajaja or may be your camera...!!
Jun 22 2007 03:52 GMT Hamin PRO
Hello, Wiill, I will call this a perfect cat capture. Bravo to you! I love cats. Sharon (wife) and I have 4 and many pix of them are on our site... Frankly, your pic is much more of a true C A P T U R E! Bravissimo!
Jun 22 2007 04:01 GMT will
hahaha...well, I commend you for the patience and perserverance it takes to accomodate 4 cats and I should know having 5 myself Hamin...They do provide lots of entertainment though for our toil don't they? And lots of photo ops..:-))) Thanks for stopping by..!!
Jun 22 2007 04:05 GMT garynumber1cleaner
lol ... I like a cat with a sense of humour ;-)
Jun 22 2007 04:25 GMT will
Well she's laughing because I'm sneezing...it's not right gary..lol
Jun 22 2007 06:47 GMT sarina
Ahahhaa, funny picture!
Jun 22 2007 08:00 GMT suzannesmash
great catch Will...i love all your cats even if the king is my all time

Jun 22 2007 12:31 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe....funny picture Will...is she laughing at me too? (sneezes)
Jun 22 2007 13:18 GMT will
Yes, definitely laughing at us both...Cats have no heart when it comes to their humans..:-(( (really I can't breathe the past two days) omg The problem is they're outside taking 'dirt baths' and then they want into the house and like a dummy I let 'em in..:-)))
Jun 22 2007 13:20 GMT will
Thanks suz..well, I love 'Red' too but he's the best at avoiding the camera..I'll see if I can chase him down here...he's getting so fat it might be easier for me now..LOL...
Jun 22 2007 13:20 GMT will
Thanks Lin, yes she's laughing demonically..!! :-))
Jun 22 2007 13:21 GMT will
Yes, may be my camera..hahaha..who knows?
Jun 22 2007 13:43 GMT eleni78 PRO
i think he just needs some time alone...he will feel better after a while!
Jun 22 2007 14:44 GMT Renni
:-))) great capture, Will...stay away from this kitty;-))!!!
Jun 22 2007 14:49 GMT Empty
Nice catch Will....I do know the feeling....constantly with the stuffy nose and watery eyes.... I have 2 or should I say they own me..;-)
Jun 22 2007 16:29 GMT will
YESSSSSSSSS. but will I?? haha
Jun 22 2007 16:30 GMT will
Great advice Renni..!! lol..you're right on!!
Jun 22 2007 16:30 GMT will
thanks sarina!!
Jun 22 2007 16:31 GMT will
Right and how am I ever supposed to sing if I can no longer breathe?? omg..lol
Jun 23 2007 04:30 GMT LizSA
You have nice entries....cannot resist to comment on this one as well....
:-))))))))))))))))))) smile for the photo and the comments....
Jun 23 2007 04:38 GMT will
Great to see you LizSa my friend, have a very nice weekend there..!!