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Wake up "Ms. Sweetoes"...lol

"Cat Scratch Fever"...

Well I don't know where they come from, but they sure do come
I hope they're comin' for me
And I don't know how they do it, but they sure do it good
I hope they're doin' it for free
They give me cat scratch fever, cat scratch fever
Well the first time that I got it, I was just 10 years old
Got it from some pussy next door.
Well I went to see the doctor and he gave me the cure... I think I
wanted some more.
They give me cat scratch fever, cat scratch fever.
I got it bad scratch fever, cat scratch fever
It's nothin' dangerous, I feel no pain
I got it, shame, shame, shame
You know you got it when you go insane
It makes a grown man cry, cry
Won't you be my babe?
Well I made her pussy purr with the stroke of my hand
They know they're gettin' it from me
And they know just where to go when they need a lovin' man
They know I'm doin' it for free
I give 'em cat scratch fever, cat scratch fever
They got it bad scratch fever, cat scratch fever...

To: ''Toes'' from Mr.Teddy N...lol
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2007 07:21 GMT beedabee
Oh my.. do not harm to the tree .. my cat use to do the same thing.. and the little trees are dameged :-(
But hey.. it's a cool shot !
Tnx for the kind comments Will! Best wishes to you and all your little friends !
Jul 12 2007 07:26 GMT Empty
Good one buddy...Better the tree than the furniture..!!!

I put in a rough ceader 4x4 post in the back yard for my cats...They love it and leave everything else alone for the most part... :)))
Jul 12 2007 11:27 GMT Poulet PRO
Great capture, Will!
A morning excercise, huh ??
Up and down...Up and down....Up and down........(lazy to type more!!!).. ;)))

P.S. My youngest son loves to do the same BUT on my bed!!!! :S
Jul 12 2007 12:58 GMT will
'Bee'...so funny you mentioned this...In fact, that was going to be my caption for the photo...'Silver', stay off of my tree..!! But since I thought the photo spoke for itself I included no caption here....So, thank you for saying it for me...lol..!!
Jul 12 2007 13:00 GMT will
Empty, great comment and also great idea for the yard...I should try that one I think too..Maybe it's good I planted about 120 trees out here, some should make it I hope..!!
Jul 12 2007 13:34 GMT will
Yes, they love to mark their territories don't they PouLet..!! hmmmm..just like some well...hehe...you know...lol
Jul 12 2007 15:47 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...LOL!!! Love you Mr. Will! So where's my coffee? Nugent and coffee..YEAH:-)))))))))))) (sneezes)
Jul 12 2007 15:50 GMT Poulet PRO
So CRUEL, Will!!!!! ROFL!!! ;D
Jul 12 2007 15:52 GMT will
Comin' right up 'Babe'...lol..!! I'm 'on the job' now, you asked for it..LOL..!
Jul 12 2007 16:17 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Okay I take French vanilla creamer in my coffee and Nugent very LOUD...lol..thank you Mr. Will:-)))))))
Jul 12 2007 16:33 GMT will
Ok 'Nursey' thanks for your help, Mr Will's takin' over, send us the bill please, and thanks for the healthfood..:-) Don't trip over the motorcycle on your way out..:-( omg (and don't get any ideas about that 'Toes')...!!
Jul 12 2007 18:11 GMT Sweetoes PRO
But I love ridin' my bike Mr. Will....I can FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...hehe lol:-)))))))
Jul 12 2007 18:34 GMT will
Yes Shari Angels can fly too, and that is the whole point..!! :-)
Jul 12 2007 18:42 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I like Angels...ummmmmm...what was the point?
Jul 12 2007 18:58 GMT will
That you scared me enough already by almost becoming one for real?? Yes, and although someday I'm sure you will make a beautiful angel, Life on earth can be a beautiful thing I think, and me and a lot of other people would like you to stick around here, as I think you probably know...Hugggggs..lol (that was my point)
Jul 12 2007 19:10 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Okay. Point taken. Huggggsssss....I still like angels.
Jul 12 2007 19:54 GMT will
Okay, well sometimes being hard headed comes in handy...just don't make a habit of it..!! Please..!! Now rest..Lol..!!!
Jul 12 2007 19:58 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yes SIR.I'm going outside..:-)))))
Jul 12 2007 20:01 GMT will
Yeah, I thought so...:-D .....don't forget the sunblock honey, oh, here let me help you with that..Lol..
Jul 12 2007 20:13 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I don't need sunblock silly...I'm a natural in the sun but baby lotion is good or coconut body butter...Yummy stuff:-))))
Jul 14 2007 19:46 GMT Milibuh
Purrrrr fect scratcher !!!
Jul 14 2007 21:24 GMT will