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Will's Fotothing

always learning, too, like it or not...)...

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Comments on this photo:

7 hours ago FLUMP
Very nice sentiment....
7 hours ago gtc126
Beautiful and True Words!!!!!!!!!!!
6 hours ago hans55 PRO
very true words ...and it always supprise me ..iff you meet a good online friend ...its always good in real too !!
4 hours ago MargNZ
My online friends make the world a much smaller place Will ... nice tribute :)
3 hours ago Papagena
It's really fantastic to be in touch with online-friends from all over the world and to learn about their daily life !! I am just a little bit jealous of those who have had the occasion to meet someone in real...
3 hours ago bandsix
It's a lovely entry, will, and so true!
2 hours ago superJoan
Wouldn't it be lovely to have an annual fotothing get together....could be in a different country each year....what wonderful photographic opportunities we would all have.This poem says it all.....we have such lovely friends we have never seen...
2 minutes ago will
yes, it would be very nice i am sure, thanks everyone, friends!...take care, Will