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I spotted some strange ducks near my home.
Can someone tell me the name of those ducks.Looks like a nice couple.
Please enlarge...
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 26 2013 16:35 GMT clintonfolks
looks like Tufted ducks check and see if I am right.. wonderful photo wjine.!
Mar 26 2013 17:03 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I've never seen these in person - but the photos on here are stunning!

I've seem several different names for these - like wood duck; ring neck and Peking duck.

Do a search under tags for "ducks". It starts with the 1st (oldest) page - edit the the url and you can change from 1474 to any smaller number and look from there.
Remember, the forward button go older not newer (small lack of programming insite :-)
Mar 26 2013 17:13 GMT fotoloekb PRO
De Nederlandse naam is "Kyuifeend" Wijnie!
Het is een paartje, het vrouwrhe heeft niet zo'n mooie kuif
en ook niet de witte flanken zoals het mannetje.
Mar 26 2013 17:28 GMT Lalbabu
Whatever may be the name it's a beautiful shot !!!!
Mar 26 2013 17:33 GMT mellie
These are beautiful ducks.
Mar 26 2013 18:41 GMT roncarlin PRO
Check the internet and found a bird just like this. It is called Lesser Scaup Duck.
http://www.ducks.org/hunting/waterfowl-id/lesser-scaup. Check it out at this site..
Mar 26 2013 19:04 GMT hans55 PRO
they are cute to watch !! :-)
Mar 26 2013 19:28 GMT 25barb
Guess they found each other.
They are sure making ripples....
I think that roncarlin has the answer
Mar 26 2013 20:11 GMT bandsix
Nice shot of these ducks.....
Mar 26 2013 21:19 GMT georgygirl2
i thought they were ruddy ducks
Mar 26 2013 21:43 GMT wijnie58
Thanks everyone for your comments and information...:-))
Mar 26 2013 23:05 GMT clintonfolks
wijnie type in tufted ducks wikipedia...
Mar 26 2013 23:56 GMT wijnie58
Thanks David, yes your are right...Wonderful picture's of these ducks...:-))
Mar 27 2013 00:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
They are special!
Mar 27 2013 02:49 GMT pauli3522
no idea what kind of ducks they are...but....the pic is very good
Mar 27 2013 05:48 GMT Annamaria
Wij noemen ze "kuifeend" in Nederland:


They sure are special, Wijnie! ;-) I have seen them here too last year in the Rutbeek.
Mar 27 2013 05:52 GMT Annamaria
Ik zie nu pas dat Loek ook al geantwoord heeft.... haha
Mar 27 2013 08:12 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful to see them and have them identified Wijnie :))
Mar 27 2013 11:02 GMT skyball
A well captured shot Wijnie!!!!!!......
Mar 27 2013 16:06 GMT wijnie58
Thanks ev eryone for your nice comments..:-))
Mar 27 2013 20:17 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely capture, Wijnie. These tufted ducks are so cute!
Mar 28 2013 02:49 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice one Wijnie !!!
Mar 28 2013 09:30 GMT elsje323
lovely duck shot
Mar 28 2013 14:36 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Sylvia , Jim and Ida dor your nice comments..:-))
Mar 28 2013 17:35 GMT Zodyak
Beautiful capture :)
Mar 28 2013 20:02 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful capture
Mar 28 2013 20:22 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Zodyak..:-))
Mar 28 2013 20:23 GMT wijnie58
Thanks James..:-))
Mar 28 2013 22:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Realy beautiful ducks and photo, Wijnie!
Mar 29 2013 10:14 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Claudia for your nice comments..:-))
Apr 16 2013 20:07 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
I like the "ponytail" on the male tufted duck... Looks a little "hippie" :)
Apr 17 2013 09:13 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Dragonspeed yes indeed a little hippie..:-))