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Tags donnie the cat

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This is Donnie 17 years old and past away two days ago.
He was from my daugther Wendy...I took this picture two weeks ago.
Please enlarge..
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 06 2013 15:17 GMT daveb
Condolences Wijnie - a very sad loss of a lovely puss cat
Feb 06 2013 15:29 GMT bandsix
I'm so sorry about Donny...what a sweet little cat...I'm sure he will be missed a lot....
Feb 06 2013 15:29 GMT georgygirl2
aw sorry wijnie, its a lovely picture!
Feb 06 2013 15:31 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I'm so sorry to hear this sad news, Wijnie. My condolences to Wendy.
This photo is really lovely, by the way.
Feb 06 2013 15:32 GMT hallo
This is really nice picture to remember..
Feb 06 2013 16:11 GMT Lalbabu
Very sorry for this doll !!!!
Feb 06 2013 16:14 GMT will
Feb 06 2013 16:27 GMT 25barb
A gorgeous photo of a beautiful cat - great details... and wonderful color and he is sitting so proud.
What love he must have given in those 17 years...
Sorry for the loss of a special member of the family
You will have great memories...
My thoughts to you and your family.
Feb 06 2013 16:49 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good picture from old Donnie, Wendy will be very happy with it !!
Feb 06 2013 17:31 GMT linnywv PRO
So sorry to hear of the cat passing away, but it led a wonderfully long life. They give us such love.
Feb 06 2013 17:34 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Rest in Peace Donnie - 17 very happy years no doubt!

Sorry to hear of your loss Wijnie.
Feb 06 2013 17:38 GMT skyball
A sad loss to see a pet pass on..as we have experienced..a lovely shot for your memories Wijnie!!!!!......
Feb 06 2013 17:55 GMT senna3
What a beauty, like a noble lady.
Always difficult to say farewell to your pets.
Feb 06 2013 18:44 GMT elsje323
sorry to hear Wijnie but a beautiful memory of a long and happy life for Donnie
Feb 06 2013 19:00 GMT martini957
So very precious...my heart goes out to Wendy
Feb 06 2013 20:38 GMT Bellavista
Aww.. so lovely, 17 years are many years for a cat. Sure she has had a lovely life with your family! My sincere condolences Wijnie. xx
Feb 06 2013 20:57 GMT gwen83
Thank you very much mom, and the FT friends. He was 2 years with us, but we will mis him very much. Our big boy..........
Feb 06 2013 21:08 GMT Zodyak
Very nice shot :)
Feb 06 2013 22:05 GMT Labkhand
we should statement public mourning for netherlands cats !
Feb 07 2013 00:43 GMT fhelsing PRO
What a handsome cat ... rest in peace ......
Feb 07 2013 03:36 GMT potterjo
So very sorry, he was a handsome cat.
Feb 07 2013 12:03 GMT julie13
It is like losing a member of the family when a pet passes on, so sorry for your loss, Donnie looks so lovely in this pic.
Feb 07 2013 14:06 GMT clintonfolks
sad news.. lovely photo..
Feb 07 2013 20:55 GMT Myshots
Beautiful cat image, thanks for sharing...I'm sure Donnie will be missed..Precious shot...
Feb 07 2013 21:32 GMT wijnie58
Thanks everyone voor your lovely comments, I appreciated this very much....:-))
Feb 12 2013 03:45 GMT kumarr
Wonderful image ....... Perfect !
Feb 12 2013 15:16 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Kumarr for your nice comment..:-))