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I like to start my day with a egg.....
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 01 2013 15:45 GMT hans55 PRO
and served on bed by me !! :-)
Feb 01 2013 16:01 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Hans yes indeed...hihihi..:-))
Feb 01 2013 16:05 GMT sheasoru68
And a very healthy way to start too Wijnie,...nicely presented..
Feb 01 2013 16:06 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Joe for your nice comment...:-))
Feb 01 2013 16:11 GMT hallo
You start with one egg and Hans finish five :)
Feb 01 2013 16:27 GMT 25barb
Great photo...composed well... I like the idea very clever
Wonderful lighting and presentation...
well it seems as though you have hans trained...ha ha
but I am sure you deserve...
Have a great weekend
Feb 01 2013 16:54 GMT elsje323
great start to begin the day Wijnie
Feb 01 2013 17:06 GMT Papagena
At the time my mother prepared two eggs for me before going to work as I had some problem to eat early in the morning !! ;+))
Feb 01 2013 17:49 GMT abojovna PRO
You keep chickens at your greenyard, Wijnie?
Feb 01 2013 18:08 GMT senna3
Perfect for the theme, great entry!
Feb 01 2013 18:27 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A nice still life picture, and a healthy start to your day, Wijnie!
Feb 01 2013 18:56 GMT bandsix
Great way to start the day, especially served up by a loving husband....you have got him well trained Wijnie!
Feb 01 2013 19:11 GMT Zodyak
great white little things for our life :)
Feb 01 2013 20:15 GMT skyball
A great start to the day Wijnie!!..and a good theme entry!!!!!!!......
Feb 01 2013 20:34 GMT Labkhand
win ! we have forgeted cock advantages :)
and " a egg " is good idea before your working
Feb 01 2013 21:01 GMT martini957
Feb 02 2013 02:57 GMT potterjo
I do too, great entry. Very cold this morning and I just couldn't get to thinking about taking pictures.
Feb 02 2013 06:56 GMT Myshots
I like eggs in the morning too !!....Great shot...
Feb 02 2013 10:25 GMT joe PRO
It is nice to cook eggs in so many different ways.
Feb 02 2013 11:08 GMT wijnie58
Thanks everyone for your nice comments..:-))
Feb 02 2013 11:10 GMT wijnie58
No Claudia, I took this picture in SA on the farm in Skeiding...
They eat everymorning eggs in different ways....It was fantastic...:-))
Feb 02 2013 12:11 GMT clintonfolks
I start my day with eggs, grits and bacon, toast and jam and a lot of coffee.

great photo wijnie...
Feb 02 2013 12:34 GMT fotoloekb PRO
'N ei hoort er bij Wijnie! ;-))
Feb 02 2013 20:55 GMT Lie
How do you like your eggs in the morning ???

Great !
Feb 03 2013 09:33 GMT wijnie58
Thanks David for your nice comment..:-))
Feb 03 2013 09:33 GMT wijnie58
Zeker weten Loek..:-))
Feb 03 2013 09:34 GMT wijnie58
Maak niet uit ik vind het allemaal lekker....:-))
Feb 03 2013 11:49 GMT Snappa
Hope theres not a chick in it! (lol)
Feb 03 2013 12:23 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Linda for your nice comments..:-))