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Twice the work for half the pay
Twice as smart, but afraid to say
I`m just here to provide the t & a
Because I`m a woman
He`ll get the gig no matter how hard I bust my ass
I better shimmy if the boss man makes a pass
And if I`m in the big chair baby better watch out for broken glass
Because I`m a woman

And if my skirt`s too short then I`m asking for it
That`s how the story goes
I`m guilty if I lock it up and I`m
Guilty if it shows and I
Live with a fear that no man every knows
Because I`m a woman

And somewhere on this day I will not even be born
When they detect the weaker sex from my mother`s womb I will be torn
The man-child gets the love and I get the scorn
Because I`m a woman

And if I`m strong I`m a bitch
And if I`m free I`m a whore
And if I`m home with my babies you won`t find me in the pages of "cosmo"
`cause honey that ain`t nothin` but a bore

But I have a dream I am a thing
Of beauty and power
Give me love, give me good love and I
Blossom like a flower
Because I`m a woman

(Lari White)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 23 2008 12:10 GMT ldhill62
good pic :))
Sep 23 2008 12:41 GMT darya4
fascinating shot - welcome back voodoo. missed u
Sep 23 2008 14:22 GMT fa69
Sep 23 2008 16:11 GMT charlotte
Sep 25 2008 08:15 GMT lizzieb
Lovely Voodoo, beautifully put words too.
May 10 2009 23:36 GMT EMHL
Wonderful view !!!