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Curves has 'cutting day' on the 6th (http://www.fotothing.com/tag_search.php?q=cuttingday)
Fhelsing has 'upside down 12th' (http://www.fotothing.com/fhelsing/)

I am starting 'guess what 18th'
so... guess what this photo is :)

and is it just me or are other people having trouble uploading pics today??
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 18 2005 09:53 GMT mel123uk
is it a sand worm trail?
Dec 18 2005 10:28 GMT agoston
STUNNING! Tirtle...?
Dec 18 2005 10:32 GMT AYUSH
Nice and excellent pic!
No we did not find trouble in uploading today.
Yours might be a local problem.
Dec 18 2005 12:03 GMT curves PRO
Oh nice skin shot, I'd have that looked at though va...

Sand worms....sand flower....
Dec 18 2005 13:15 GMT StavrosMoforis
I have no clue what this is, the image is very intriguing, though!
Thank you for your kind comment, too!
Dec 18 2005 15:27 GMT ashdad PRO
Could it be that a sand cow has just left the scene? : )
Dec 18 2005 17:58 GMT montello
a sand worm trail!
Dec 18 2005 21:29 GMT marijke06
yes, it's been said....but it is a nice picture :)
Dec 19 2005 01:38 GMT mavik
Something made of sand but don't really know what it is. It sure keeps our mind guessing!!! Good luck on the challenge! Nice entry.
Dec 19 2005 06:22 GMT visuallyadaptive
all wrong so far.. answer will be up in a few hours
Dec 19 2005 08:34 GMT mel123uk
is it a lug worm ?
Dec 19 2005 10:22 GMT visuallyadaptive
It's a shrimp that has burrowed down into the sand, I assume to avoid being eaten by passing birds and other creatures.
I think when they burrow down the turn in a circle which makes the dome shape out of the sand (someone can correct me if I'm wrong)
Dec 19 2005 13:50 GMT curves PRO
I'll take your word for it

E got a good one off anyway