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Oh gosh...I had just got done peeing and open the door of the bathroom to THIS....

I WALKED BY HIM TO GO INTO THE BATHROOM...I immediately started bawling like a baby and panicked....I finally realized even shutting the bathroom door wouldn't keep him out since he could crawl under...oh man...he has me trapped....I grabbing the little bucket that was in the bathroom for washing DJ's hair and kind of tossed it over the spider...then I took my hairspray and sprayed it all over the bucket and put a foot on the bucket and moved it back and forth really fast to push the spider around and confuse him....then I took a long screwdriver and flipped the bucket over really fast and started spraying it with hairspray....then I ran and got the bug repellent and sprayed that on him....then the Air Freshener....I was hoping all the different chemicals would kill him....so I was finally satisfied he was dead, so I took the photo....well I went back a few minutes ago to make sure he was still dead and he had MOVED....OMG he was still friggin alive! So I sprayed more Bug Repellent on him and also some Shaving Cream on top of him so he can't move as easy.....I wish Jamie would hurry and get home, but he doesn't get home until after 2:30.....I'm still shaking real bad.....oh man....I have to go check on him again...
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 28 2008 18:04 GMT abojovna PRO

Poor Virginiabrill, you are a hero winner!
Jul 28 2008 18:10 GMT jomoud PRO
Call 911??:):)

I am sorry Virginia, but I am smiling now.
But you are right, they can be so ferocious:)
After the shaving cream you should have sprayed or thrown some after shave lotion on it, the alcohol in that would have killed it.
Jul 28 2008 18:14 GMT virginiabrill
I don't have any, but I put a little perfume on it so that alcohol should get to it...then I sprayed more Bug Relent on it...I am afraid it's buddies will come looking for him....I wonder how many other spiders are in his pack?
Jul 28 2008 18:29 GMT LisaSam67
laughing MY ASS OFF

i've sprayed shaving cream on one before too hahahahahahahahahahahaha

get on my forum and help me check the chat thingy woman
Jul 28 2008 18:30 GMT LisaSam67
step on him silly
Jul 28 2008 18:41 GMT virginiabrill
Nu uh! It was a violin back!

Jamie will get rid of him for me...
Jul 28 2008 18:50 GMT Lukesta
hahaha shaving cream thats hilarious!..poor little spider, they are our friends :(
Jul 28 2008 18:55 GMT LizSA
well.. he would not get near you now...... :-)

I know it is bad.... i never had a fear for spiders....
now since I have been bitten by one.... I also kill them now... I am sorry to say..!!
Jul 28 2008 22:01 GMT ldhill62
good one :))
Jul 28 2008 23:20 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Virginia, I hope that you are still with us and that Jamie got rid of the spider for you. Not fond of them myself! It's a great story, btw. :)
Jul 29 2008 00:25 GMT annieann PRO
great story .. but i still don't like em ... arghhhhhhhhhh
Jul 29 2008 00:49 GMT dougrun PRO
Violin back? All the more reason to step on that critter. Did you consider a shotgun??