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A couple weeks ago, the local school announced they were having a Locks of Love assembly where any student, or even town member who wanted to donate their hair, could.

My little sister Danielle, 7 years old, asked me why they wanted hair.

I explained to her how sometimes kids can get very very sick with something called cancer. When these kids get help for this cancer, sometimes they lose all of their hair. The hair that the Locks of Love collects gives it to these kids so they can have hair again.

My sister looked up at me and said, "Ginny...I want to give them my hair so the kids can have hair again; I can just wear a hat 'till it grows back."

I looked at that kid and never felt so proud. I am sure she thought she would be giving most, if not all of her hair, and she was willing to give it to these sick kids.

I put her hair into a pony tail and measured a little over 8 inches--the minimum amount. I explained how she wouldn't be giving all her hair, it would just be at her shoulders.

A week later, I was talking to Dani and she mentioned how she was able to give her hair. I told her how it was in front of the entire school.

Her eyes got HUGE around. She said, "Oh no...I'm going to be so embarrassed!"

Image it--a 7 year old getting up in front of the entire K-12 school, plus some people from the community and getting her hair cut for Locks of Love.

I assured her she would be alright.

Today was the assembly. I was beaming with pride every time I looked at Danielle. I even started crying! She was the youngest person to give hair today. I managed to get a few photos of her. I have a video, but my connection is too slow to put it on YouTube right now.

This is before--with hair in two ponytails.
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Dec 05 2007 05:14 GMT wolf2728
i think its a great thing to share such a close part of yourself for a total stranger!