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My entry for climatefriday: time of rain

I learned to admire the shades of gray on a rainy day and I love seeing this, however, sad tones in the last week in Brazil. The greatest tragedy climate of the country with floods, landslides, burying. So far there are 514 confirmed dead in the mountain counties of Rio de Janeiro.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 14 2011 14:56 GMT iyerhari
very sorry,

great entry dear!
Jan 14 2011 15:39 GMT jomoud PRO
We are following the news Vera.
The mudslides in your country may claim more lives:(:(
Of course we also are very mindful of the tragedy on the other side of the world in Australia.
Climates can be both a blessing and a tragedy.
Stay safe and try to enjoy your weekend my dear friend.
Jan 14 2011 15:42 GMT marijke06
thereis tooo much rain these days :)
Jan 14 2011 17:03 GMT Lie
Yes it's terrible, climate is onprodictnle.....so..
Keep save and have a nice weekend..
Jan 14 2011 17:22 GMT LizSA
very sorry for the bad weather ... for the loss of lives.... it is sooo sad...!!

even in our summer weather here in the Southern side of the world... the clouds are mostly dark or grey with rain.... very much rain. and as someone said...
it is mostly the poor that suffer the most. :(
Jan 14 2011 17:50 GMT senna3
Very impressive and suggestive, a true tragedy indeed.
Jan 14 2011 18:42 GMT sini
So sad news! Impressive clouds and entry!
Jan 14 2011 19:21 GMT Papagena
2011 is starting very badly in so many countries all over the world.

In Switzerland we are aware of our chance, at least so far... because melting snow could also provoke inondations....
Jan 14 2011 19:29 GMT soldier
Amazing entry for today's theme my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 14 2011 20:16 GMT MargNZ
Nice shades of gray and light . We saw the tv coverage of the devastation of the mudslides ... so horrible and very sad :)
Jan 15 2011 02:45 GMT fhelsing PRO
stay safe ......
Jan 15 2011 09:31 GMT skyball
Alot of freight on that on that line Vera,the sky looks a bit murky,which makes it a good entry for climate friday...My sympathy for all those poor people affected by the mudslides let us pray it does not worsen!!!.....
Jan 15 2011 21:00 GMT CBLADE007
Sorry to hear this news my friend i hope that all is well with you and your family.
and we will all pray for Brazil may god be with you all
Jan 16 2011 12:18 GMT hanek
..... I love seeing this ..... ??? you have to come here ... here a such weather is the daily bread ...
Jan 16 2011 12:20 GMT hanek
I hope that with you all right Vera? bad news coming to us from Brazil ....
Jan 17 2011 01:34 GMT verarenm
Thank you my friends! I'm OK. Fortunately my house is located in an area free from flooding. Here just afraid when we have strong winds, as old trees fall in the streets.
Now we campaign to help the poor affected by the flooding collaborating with food, water, medicine and clothing.