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here we go.. the first photo of what I'd like to become a collection of photos taken in places I visit with my First Own Car :) so.. this is my Panda, and in the background the majestic Basilica di Superga on the outskirts of Turin.. hope you like it :)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 07 2007 20:29 GMT Hamin PRO
Buon Giorno, Vanilla, Qusta fotogrfaia e molto, molto bella, et mi piace molto. Bravo a te et Auguri di Emanuele ! Per picere, visit http://www.fotothing.com/hamin/
Apr 07 2007 20:29 GMT elja
Welcome !
Apr 07 2007 20:42 GMT vanillapanda
thanks, guys :) well, I see that nasty effect of "falling towers" on my shot, but.. who cares anyway :) I just wanted a document of my trip to the hill dominating the city (and I tell you, that's one hell of a trip, even if quite short LOL :) all curves and slopes :) anyway.. I'm happy to share it with the world :)
Apr 08 2007 17:49 GMT Martijn
That's a nice little ride .... I had one too for a little while. A blue one.
Apr 08 2007 18:43 GMT vanillapanda
you got it right :) it's one hell of a little big car :) I'd like to have a 4x4 diesel one.. too expensive, though :S anyway, it's just grrrreat! :)
Jun 07 2007 20:06 GMT Lensvision
That's a great car you have!!!
I drive a 93 1000 CLX old model Panda.
Jun 07 2007 20:10 GMT vanillapanda
thanks! this baby is a 2007 1.2 Emotion :)
Jul 07 2008 07:53 GMT jackbadger56
Panda? I want one!
Do you know the name of the Fiat that has 6 seats (2 x rows of 3 seats)?
We have only a very small range in Australia (500, Bravo, Punto only) and i want to pester the importer. Otherwise i'll be buying a Roomster! ;-\
Jul 14 2008 10:04 GMT vanillapanda
hi there!
sure I do, it's called Multipla! I know they're available in Japan, dunno about Australia :/ do you have Roomsters there? Multipla is quite a different thing.. it's very.. special :)
by the way, do you know Abarth is back? :) the 500 Abarth is just being launched here :) well, I stick to my panda, but a 500 Abarth is definitely something! :)
Jul 14 2008 22:44 GMT jackbadger56
THE MULTIPLA!!!!! that's it, thanks! I'd love a Multipla, an early version before they face-lifted it and toned it down. I love clever cars, which is why i'm considering the Roomster too.
Those new 500's are literally everywhere here in Aus. at the moment; fantastic little cars. Would love an Abarth 500 but would struggle to fit the kids and bikes! ;-\