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Challenge 62: hobbies

I have several hobbies, but one of them is growing over the years: traveling. I love to see other places. London also has the charm that we were able to stay at a friend's home so we also avoided high hotel costs.

It's quite a cool city and the only thing which sometimes was strange (except the high prices) was the "Last orders please" thing. But with the new laws I hope it will get better now. :)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 05 2006 19:06 GMT backstreets PRO
great photo with a fantastic perspective !!
Nov 05 2006 19:10 GMT uwp
Thank you backstreets! And sorry for not participating to friendsfriday, but my time's really short now...:(
Nov 06 2006 00:25 GMT losp

From thumb-nail view, I thought I saw a giant monster
from outer space, menacing with both stretching arms !
Great composition !!! .. I love its uwp-angled-shot style ..
your travelling has opening up you more and more in
knowledge and wisdom + in food tasting (lol) & great
fotography etc .. Have a great, exciting week ahead
(after the electricity "interim" disruption !) ~~
Nov 11 2006 00:57 GMT uwp
No, it's no monster. :) The angle was more accidently because there's no real way to make pictures if you are too near such a big building. Thanks losp! I hope I'll have more time the next weeks, right now I'm a bit overworked...
Nov 14 2006 22:29 GMT patraaey
Great scenery and composition!!!
Nov 14 2006 23:18 GMT uwp
Thanx! Maybe I should always do it like this: just hold the camera up and shoot. :)