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I played around with gimp once again. This wasn't easy, I needed a bit overlaying to have this kind of picture...
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 07 2006 23:38 GMT jamby PRO
i see you've been to London too uwp!!! as usual a fantastic work you've done here...awesome entry!!
Dec 07 2006 23:38 GMT crucyphot
Wonderfull effect.
Great Entry.
Dec 07 2006 23:43 GMT hans55 PRO
very red !!! good one !!
Dec 07 2006 23:48 GMT uwp
jamby: yes, but it has been some time ago, as you can see in the exif tag (June 2005). Also in the exif tag you can find the original picture.
Dec 07 2006 23:48 GMT uwp
Thank you crucyphot!
Dec 07 2006 23:49 GMT uwp
hans55: The funny thing is: the frame is in a color called orangered. So it's not really red...:)
Dec 07 2006 23:51 GMT losp

I thought I saw UDO (instead of ALDO)
& Marble Arch in this very beautiful London
bus :o) .. Hahaha, the car behind this red
bus is out of traffic positioning (did you fix
it for your fotoing?) .. Superb capture and
great play for such wonderful RED display !!!
Dec 07 2006 23:55 GMT uwp
No Udo in the picture. Maybe I should have mounted myself inside? :)
And the car: when you ever come to London you will see in what crazy kind of habit they drive, there was no need to position it. And no need to fix it, this is original. :))))
Dec 08 2006 00:19 GMT sini
Great redfriday entry!
Dec 08 2006 00:21 GMT Kire403
wow I always dream to take a ride with this one: GREAT IMAGE for todays theme: pls take look with mine: http://www.fotothing.com/Kire403/photo/a0d0ce82f943a059922a2de0819ac333/
Dec 08 2006 01:09 GMT lumaciel
great entry.
I like it so much!
Dec 08 2006 02:45 GMT junsjazz
splendid work!
Dec 08 2006 02:50 GMT jomoud PRO
terrific work
and a wonderful entry
Dec 08 2006 04:50 GMT Midworlder PRO
Dec 08 2006 08:05 GMT Bali
sehr schönes Entry!!!!
Dec 08 2006 09:04 GMT Poulet PRO
Great play !
Great entry !!
Dec 08 2006 10:29 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great effort!! This is a great entry!! The drivers look as crazy as our drivers here in NZ. :)
Dec 08 2006 12:42 GMT LizSA
wonder ful colours...the redfriday with a misty bit of white....
Losp sees so much in a photo....!! more than I normaly see..great..!
Dec 08 2006 19:38 GMT litz
what a splendid work with gimp!!!!
great red photo entry!!!
Dec 08 2006 20:12 GMT klingklingeling
wow, this is cool. I think you are the only one who traveled to london to take a pic for this theme ;-) Its great!
Dec 08 2006 23:16 GMT uwp
klingklingeling: yes, and how fast I was! :)
Dec 08 2006 23:17 GMT uwp
LizSA: I think it's because losp always watches the big version, you can see much more in the full size.
Dec 08 2006 23:17 GMT uwp
Thanx to all of you!