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Do you remember the roach from the beginning of the year?


That had been on Gran Canaria, an island of the Canary Islands. I thought: how bizarre, ants eating a still alive roach!

And now I have been on a different island of the Canaries: Lanzarote. And I found the same situation: some ants are eating a roach which is still alive and moving...
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 08 2010 10:25 GMT LizSA
the saying is that nothing will really ""kill "" all the cochroach in the world.

they are everywhere... and a very disgusting creature at that, and another thing..
they say it is the ' cleanest " insect in the world. !!! but to be eaten alive.. noooo that is just nature so cruel.
Nov 08 2010 11:50 GMT uwp
I wouldn't eat them alive, but I think if we would eat them, this would decrease their population rapidly. And for the idea "clean" vs. "unclean". I've been doing macro shots for a long time now. I've seen so many fine structures on insects. They really need to be clean for themselves because otherwise all of their "devices" will not work anymore. And you can see it often: flies, e.g. are always cleaning themselves. In my opinion insects such as roaches might be disgusting for several people but I wouldn't say they're a danger. Rats are way more dangerous!
May 19 2011 06:16 GMT uwp
Thanx hunju! Normally I try to capture one specific thing. Sometime it results in a series because there has been ore than 1 image ok from about 1000...