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Especially for stu:

Ask this man! Now! :)

BTW, I had to pay him 1 pound, otherwise he wouldn't let me take a picture. But this opportunity was worth it, don't you think?
And: it's Camden Lock in London, of course.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 20 2006 21:38 GMT stuboy
hahaha cheers mate.
Well worth a pound, I charge 2 ;)
Jul 20 2006 21:47 GMT uwp
He wanted to have 2 when but I dealed him down to 1. :)))
Jul 20 2006 21:57 GMT stuboy
These soft touch punks, I wouldn't have gone down to 1

In fact, I think I'll start charging people to look at my fotothing site ;)

As of now, anyone who looks at one of my photos has to send me 2
Jul 20 2006 22:13 GMT uwp
Your hits will go straight down. Public stuff must be free to be noticed. Or do you only want some elite audience? 2 paying viewers are enough? Anyway, what about other currencies? And how to send it? Mail? Paypal? Direct credit card? Some Nigeria Account in Switzerland? As you can see, the entry into business life should be well thought out! :)
Jul 20 2006 22:24 GMT stuboy
Never was much of a business man, still I think people will be honest to view my pictures & send me the money, I'll have to change it to 2 whatever currency you use ;)
Jul 21 2006 12:40 GMT uwp
Inflation? No, Deflation! Inflation would have been about 1000 !
Jul 21 2006 12:50 GMT uwp
And best of all: Punks are corrupt, all of them! :)
Jul 21 2006 23:21 GMT skankthenightaway
thats a cool picture....!..
Jul 21 2006 23:28 GMT uwp
Thank you skankthenightaway! Or shall I call you Alaina?
Aug 29 2010 22:36 GMT rancidpunk
Gahhh..this is a friend. Its only a £1 photo for a beer..i was with him the other day doing so. there's no problem taking photos with people..we are nice, we just need money xD
Aug 30 2010 08:25 GMT uwp
I know that he was nice although he wanted to raise the price. Anyway, tell him greetinx from Berlin, with more than 3900 hits at this image he is a legend!