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Sometimes things can get strange, especially at christmas. We've seen in some TV show that US americans often hide a cucumber in their christmas tree. That one who finds it, can open up the presents first. Strange enough. But they said: this is a german tradition. What? I never heard of this before! The show must be a fake! Exactly like this image! What comes next? That they will tell us Santa Claus exists? No way, I won't believe you! :)
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 26 2008 02:46 GMT LisaSam67
LMAO never heard of that either!!!
Dec 26 2008 02:51 GMT uwp
I'm still waiting for a proof! The fact that we can buy such stuff here is no proof! :)
Jan 08 2009 01:36 GMT LizSA
never heard of that.... but then again I am from Africa...

Germany has lovely Christmas traditions....... and lovely christmas cookies...:-)
Jan 08 2009 08:40 GMT uwp
I can only repeat it: americans think it's a german tradition. I never heard about this before it swapped over from the US to us. I'd say it's not a german tradition. Maybe I'm not old enough? :)
Jan 08 2009 16:08 GMT LizSA
I mean other Christmas traditions... like the advent candles.....etc...
my brother in law is from Germany(Berlin).... and we often experience a very
traditional German meal or Christmas baking.......:)
he has been in SA for about 40 years... but still carry his tradition with him.....
I love his cooking and baking.....:-)
Jan 12 2009 23:34 GMT uwp
I guess I'm not the "real german guy", I don't like "Schweinshaxe" or "Sauerkraut", even "Bratwurst" is not my fafourite. Although "Schnitzel" or any kind of steak truly is yummy. I really can't remember good german traditions, maybe some of our clichees are worth it: timeliness e.g. What shall I say, I'm a global guy: I love turkish, asian and fast-food, I like music, no matter what language will be sung, I sometimes even try to watch finnish films, even though I don't speak lots of finnish words etc. My world is coloured. My top sentence about traditions is this: A good tradition is the passing of the fire, not the adoration of the cold ashes. I think that's what traditions mostly are about: they don't fit in the modern world.